VZ 5G Home Problems. VZ 5G Home may not be ready for prime time yet.

Trying to cut At&T Uverse/DirectTv cord.   Thought 5g was the answer.  Had it installed 12/20 and have had nothing but problems.  5G Inseego router locks up (solid red) or is flashing green indicating it is re-booting.  Upload and download speeds are between 20-100 Mbps.  These speeds are close to what I was getting with At&T.  But browsing the internet (banking, medication, fishing forums) is painful due to slowness or the site times out.  Not all internet connections are created the same, regardless of the speed.  So far I have to say 5G is the worst since my 300 baud modem days.  I waited 5 days for support to come out today.  They were a no show.  Was unable to reach a support person (multiple attempts).  After entering my info for support , the automated response was for me to contact Frontier.  why??  So I went into the VZ store.  They were on hold 40 minutes without being able to talk to support. Ridiculous.  I was able to get to support via my phone and the myVZ app 611.  I let the VZ manager talk to them to get an appt. setup. I am cautiously optimistic but if this is still intermittent turtle internet it has to go.  I have spent many hours on what should have been a simple install.  If I have to discontinue, I will be left with holes (inside and outside) and cables messed up to my stucco.

When I have been able to get to support they have been friendly and I am sure they are doing their best.  The VZ store people have been very nice as well.  But the bottom line is that it just does not work yet.