Verizon 5G Gateway - not receiving services I'm paying for
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How do I report the Verizon Agents that are in the chat function? The last one I spoke to was condescending and straight up ignoring me. 

How do I open a support ticket? There appears to be an outage in my area and I just want updates on when it will be fixed or if this is the service I should expect going forward. 

Starting on 6/13/22 Verizon capped my internet and I am consistently receiving 1mbps upload and 1mbps download and 500+ latency. I don't know any other recourse other than canceling my services if I don't receive a straight answer. Last week I was receiving 300 mbps download and 50 mbps upload and 50 latency; that is the service that I believe I am paying for. If something is wrong in my area and Verizon is working on it that is one thing; if this is the service I should come to expect than I deserve to know.