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Verizon 5G Ultra Home Internet/Router

I recently became a new Verizon client for their new 5g Ultra Wide Home Internet Service. Even though this is a glorified cell phone hotspot. I was super excited since I love new technology.  However, I have contacted support several times and have been left fending for myself as the response time to a question is anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes an in my last session NEVER. I am hoping someone may have had the unfortunate similar issue I have been experiencing and with any luck might be able to provide a solution or suggestion. It appears that when my 5g Router Boots up and gets an IP address assigned to it by Verizon for some unknown reason it is being given an IP address almost 300 miles away from my location. Since this is a HOME internet service you would think it would assign a local IP address being that many of the smart TV's and smart products use this information in combination with other information to determine device locations.

Unfortunately, YouTube TV happens to use the device IP address as part of the location. It gives you a HOME area but if you are not in your home area it defaults to the IP address of the network the device is connected to provide a location for TV Services. Because the App and FireStick (even though it uses my zip code too) are connecting to an IP address outside my area it seems I no longer have access to my local channels and can only see channels where that IP address is associated to, in this case Tampa, which is NOT my area.

Also, because I work from home it created an issue where I have had to explain to my employer that the unknown IP address showing 300 miles from my home is in fact a 5g Device that's sitting in my living room and no I didn't move. So as to not continue boring you...

DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA HOW I CAN GET THIS THING TO SHOW A LOCAL IP ADDRESS? If not I guess I'll be switching back to ATT Fiber..... Hopefully someone responds. 

Re: Verizon 5G Ultra Home Internet/Router

I am experiencing the same issue. I just switched to Verizon (4G) LTE Home Internet, and my Android TV (which has no GPS) is using the internet connection to "estimate" location for Youtube TV, and is missing the mark.

I just spent a good hour working with a Verizon Agent, who researched all of their available literature, and came up dry. Escalated the issue as a "Ticket". I had already done a bunch of google searching, and was surprised to find no one else having same issue. I confirmed the issue was them by using a Hotspot on my phone through a different carrier and switching the TV over to that connection. Worked perfectly. As soon as I switched it off and reverted to the Verizon connection, location switched again.

If a resolution materializes, I will be sure to post it. Please do the same. If they can't resolve, I'll be forced to go back to my previous provider, which would really be a bummer.

Re: Verizon 5G Ultra Home Internet/Router

For issues related to 5G Home, please refer to the 5G Home page on the Verizon Fios Community.