Verizon Mobile Service deterioration in my area (85901 zip code)
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Issue here in Show Low and surrounding communities (85901 zip code).  We've recently purchased 5G phones and the coverage at our house, in the local community  and surrounding areas is pathetic. It's a common statement amongst local residents that Verizon is so bad it's almost useless. 

#5G coverage at the house never happens. #4G coverage is 1 bar if we're lucky and in Downtown #Show Low you have #nocoverage, the local Verizon dealer has to use boosters. #Dropped calls , texts don't go out, incoming calls go straight to voice mail without the phone ringing, "searching for service, etc.

4 of the 6 lines on our account are in this service area, one is in 85028 and the final line is in 85540 and has many of the same issues as the lines in 85901.

We'll be changing providers soon if things don't improve soon.

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Hello, Lakeswolf, thanks for reaching out regarding your service. We appreciate your loyalty over the years and I'm sorry to hear this issue causing you to consider switching to another provider. When did you first notice an issue with your service? How far away from your home do you have to travel before service improves? Aside from not seeing 5G service at home, is your service impacted as described in the downtown area?


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We've had service issues at our home since moving to our land west of Linden, AZ (2006). So much so that we've contacted companies that install towers and offered to have a tower installed on our land, we were declined.

We have 4 lines at this location and most of the time have to use our Starlink internet for wifi calling.  We've looked into other options but since we already pay Verizon hundreds of dollars a month we don't like the idea of paying more for "add ons."

We have to travel at least 2 and maybe more like 3 miles to see a solid improvement in service and that is only for 4G service.  The only 5G service we've noticed is farther west of us but east of Heber-Overgaard while driving on Arizona State Highway 260.

I've called in the past regarding the issues with service in our community and at our home and have never been given more than the standard answer We're improving our network every day or something similar.

We are largely a retirement/summer home community with about 30-50 thousand full-time residents. So our summer population explodes and we are seeing significant growth in full time population as well.

Our service is as bad or worse than the downtown area. It is beginning to affect my work from home/remote employment as well.  My cell phone is how I contact my coworkers and anyone else I need to for work related purposes. 

A viable solution for us is a must at this point. I've had other friends in the area be offered solutions by Verizon, so what can Verizon do for a long-term customer with 6 lines that is seriously considering finding our cellular phone service elsewhere?

Heather Russ