Verizon Wireless Service issues
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I have been with Verizon since my very first cell phone in 2006.  I have lived in the same area since then and up until 2 years ago I haven't had a complaint about Verizon.  Over the past 2 year we have had the worst service and experience you could imagine.  One day we just lost all service in our neighborhood.  After many dropped calls to Verizon we received a home tower to boost our now horrible signal.  This wasn't without a fight. Verizon up sold 2 of my elderly Neighbors 5G phones knowing that the 5G upgrade would not affect 4G phones.  Then charged another neighbor for the home tower booster.  Now in our neighborhood we have 10 towers within a 500 yard radius and still dropped calls and issues.  These "home towers" runs off our internet provider, (Xfinity a partner of Verizon). Verizons solution is use your WiFi calling.  1st I pay a lot of money for Verizon’s Calling not Wifi calling, 2nd it doesn’t always work.  We run a home business so dropped calls are unacceptable.   My next concern is, if we lost internet for some reason I'm not totally sure we can make an emergency call (not going to try and dial 911 just to check) or to family and elderly neighbors.  On more than 10 occasion’s my wife or I have sat in our driveway in our parked Subaru to use our AT&T service to call Verizon, Xfinity or for my wife’s private medical practice.  A Verizon rep once told me that if Verizon was having an issue every service provider would, I then told them I was calling from my AT&T car.

As I understand it from hours upon hours of calls with Verizon, 5G has a shorter bandwidth than 4G but understandable faster service.  Also that some phone companies have sold their towers to 3rd parties to cut down costs. ( Not positive about the last one).  Every phone call to Verizon ends the same I spend an hour or so explaining my situation and then I get sent to device services/ tech help. My Phone is not the problem! It’s your lack of service. I have exhausted my patients with this issue and thought I would post this on the forum.  I also was so angry last time I applied for a job with AT&T just to resign roughly 30-60 Verizon clients in my area dealing with the same issue. My thought is I might as well get paid to fix the problem. 

There are over 10,000 people in my suburb. It’s a pretty safe bet that 2,000 to 6,000 are Verizon customers. Again Xfinity (Comcast) provides internet, phone, TV and cell phone service but exclusively using Verizon Cell towers. Xfinity is the only really reliable internet in our area.  So most use their service. I know a few that made the switch to Xfintity Cell service from Verizon unknowing that it didn’t fix a thing.  How does a customer hold a corporation that guarantees a type of service that they have given you for years at an extremely high price, but not fix it?   I am sick of it.  


Angry  Verizon Customer.  

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Hello there, Derekdye!

I'm sorry you've had this experience with our service. I will be more than glad to assist you and I can assure you, we can resolve any issue that you may are going through. Also, if you are running a business account, I will be sharing with you the phone for our specialty business department. Please, feel free to send me a private note for more assiatance, remember that we are available 24/7.


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