Verizon's lack of respose

Verizon has completely dropped the ball and I don't know where to turn. I ordered a new phone and upgraded my line.  They sent the phone VIA ups, which first damaged the package, then lost it. Verizon was no help and said I had to work with UPS. Finally, UPS informed Verizon that the phone was lost and could not be returned.  UPS then told me I had to deal with Verizon.  This took over a week. Through the many, many, many calls (which equates to many hours) I have had with Verizon, I have gotten a different answer each time. 

I asked for a supervisor to call me and was told they would do so within three hours.  They never called.  Today I finally had someone that was helping, but we were disconnected and they never called back, which is typical. even though they asked what was the best number to reach me if we got disconnected. Then I found someone willing to give me their information, they were actually getting progress, then nothing. They stopped responding. I am now yet once again on hold with Verizon which has lasted over 45 minutes. I want to know where to actually get an answer, and a solution.