Where are the incentives for loyal customers?
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I have been a loyal Verizon customer for years (probably close to 20), and I'm in need of a new phone.   I tried to get the iPhone 13 deal when they were offering me $440 for my iPhone 8 (which is in great shape), but I missed the promotion by one day.  I called, they hooked me up with Customer Service (some guy names Sparrow), and they told me they couldn't override the promo!   However,  if I wasn't in a hurry, just wait b/c the Black Friday deals were going to be epic!   Well, the deals were less than epic.   Not even close.  Unless you're adding a new line, Verizon doesn't give two craps about giving you a deal on a phone.  As a working mom and having all of our phones on Verizon, I am beyond disappointed in the lack of customer support/loyalty they provide. 


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