Why am I being charged for my "free" phone?
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Giving this about one more week before I pay off the device (that should have been "free") and move on to another carrier. Even if this is "fixed" the customer service rep interaction is exhausting, and it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes for each call to find out the status of the correction.

In December I received a text; "get an iPhone 12 mini on us". It had a link and also a phone number to take to access the offer. I called the number and spoke to a VerizonTelesales Solutions rep. As required by the offer I switched to an unlimited plan, signed up for auto pay, sent in my old iPhone (Verizon acknowledges that they received it). I contacted VerizonTelesales Solutions rep and he put a note in my customer file showing the original offer including the text of the original offer showing that they included a phone number to call (Verizon reps often lie and tell you that the customer did something wrong like call instead of click a link). The information about the return of my iPhone is also noted on my customer file. I have had two reps tell me everything I need to qualify for the offer is there. The last one told me that she has "never seen such a well-documented ticket, everything is there". The issue is that it is such an unusual retention offer that Verizon cannot find the code to enter into the system-so they keep charging me for a "free" phone. They have told me two that it will be fixed on the third billing cycle. Just got the bill for the third time since this started and there is a device charge. I was offered a free iPhone with 64 gb memory, I chose a 128 gb and should only have a device charge of around four dollars. The last two reps at least understand everything, but they say an adjustment form has been filed, just wait five business days-well it has been ten since I heard that. Terrible way to treat a customer of nine years that is out of contract. 

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