Worst experience with Verizon customer support
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My nightmare started on Nov 13 when I had placed the order for iphone 12 pro and pro max under BOGO promotion. Iphone 12 pro max was available for pickup but 12 pro was back-ordered and latest shipping date was coming around second week of December. On Nov 14 I have received an email that there is some issue with my 12 pro order as I was transferring number from a different n/w operator and additional information is required to unblock the order.

As instructed I called to 866-338-7390 and agent helped me in unblocking the order. He had mentioned that there is an issue with the order management system where website doesn't pass the correct details (account number & mobile number) of the number which I am transferring from different operator. He asked those details again and manually feed in the system. At this point of time I thought that my issue is resolved but worst is yet to come. I got an email with the order details in which I have found that installment terms have been changed to 30 months instead of 24 months which I have opted in my order. I again called to 866-338-7390 and after waiting for almost an hour another agent told me that your order has been messed up and it needs to be cancelled and placed again and he cancelled my order for iphone 12 pro and now when I am placing the order for iphone 12 pro, system is not allowing me to get this phone under BOGO promotion. It seems Verizon is not very honest in honoring all these promotions and it just a dirty trick in pulling customers and wasting their time.

I have wasted my whole Sunday just to fix this problem and Verizon customer care number is so busy that it takes almost an hour or two to get hold of an agent. Some agents are so arrogant that they disconnect or place you on hold without any reason/or providing solution. 

Re: Worst experience with Verizon customer support
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I feel your pain, I had the joy of being tossed between agents for 4 hours yesterday. One was eating lunch while talking with me, and still no resolution to my original problem.  It was pretty bad, and sad to say not a single technical support rep knew anything about the technology their trying to fix.  It never used to be like this.