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I am very disappointed with verizon wireless. I recently switched from att to verizon

and i totally regretted. There is a dead zone for over 2 months in jackson heights queens ny 11372 .

I have called verizon many times and i have spoken to multiple technicians. I tried many

things in my phone settings and they also send me a new sim card and nothing has worked.

The dead zone is the entire 37th avenue in jackson heights queens. However just 1 block away i get full 5g signal

at my apt that is located at 35th avenue, but as soon as i step out and walk to 37th ave there is no 5g or

4g is pretty frustrating. I am just waiting for my plan cycle to expire to move on. I can't wait any longer for this problem 

to be fixed. I have researched the internet and i have found many customers nationwide with the same network issues.

Shame Verizon!

Re: dead zone

This is not Verizon’s problem to solve. It is yours.

You should switch back to your previous service provider. You had 30 days to return equipment, which gives you plenty of time to decide the service isn’t working working for you and go back to AT&T.

Just to make it clear, it is always 100% honest customers to make these choices. Service providers can only place service where they can put a tower or lease tower space .    And they can’t do that everywhere..  

just because you’re disappoint, it does not mean everyone is. Verizon is still number one in my area.

Re: dead zone
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Hi! We understand the importance of being able to stay connected. We would like to take a closer look into your concern. Please sendus a Private Message to get started.