iPhone connection issues
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I recently lost cellular data capabilities with my iPhone 12 (3 days so far), it occurred before updating the software so i updated it thinking that was the issue and still not working.  I troubleshot every possible solution with your customer service and spent hours upon hours on the phone trying to come to a resolution.  I was told by a supervisor on 5/20/21 that this was a global apple issue and that Verizon shares no responsibility in the issue outside of troubleshooting.  I was told my only options were to pay an upgrade penalty of $250 or pay for the phone outright to get a new one to fix the issue, or connect an old device and continue to pay the monthly contract fee on the current phone as this is not Verizon's responsibility.  I contacted apple and spent 2 hours running troubleshooting and diagnostics with apple to determine that there is no issue with the phone as to why the cellular data is no longer working.  I purchased this phone back in October and because it is out of warranty and I do not have insurance I am the financially responsible party to resolve the issue.  This phone has no dents, scratches or damage to it, it simply stopped working when not connected to wifi.  I have offered to send it back and buy a new phone that potentially will not have these issues and am continually told that I must incur a penalty for this.   I also found it unprofessional that the supervisor 100% blamed apple for the issue and continued to bad mouth the company.   Is anyone else experiencing these frustrations and complications with the iPhone 12 and how was it handled/fixed by Verizon.

Re: iPhone connection issues
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That is an outright lie. There is not a global problem with iPhone 12. My wife has that phone and I have the 12 Pro Max. They work perfectly. Apple would not allow such a problem. Verizon just wants another sale from you.

Make sure and reset the network settings.