network prioritization
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am posting on here as a last resort before I switch carriers, out of the blue one day in January my network data slowed to 0.6 MB/s. Let it slide for a few days. Called tech support.then got transferred to Tier 2.. I got a new SIM card. They said well it must be your phone . I go down to store trade in my iPhone 11 to a 14 pro. Fire it up and same exact issues. 0.6 MB/s. The people in the store can’t give me an answer.  I call back to tech support they take me up to tier 3 they open up a ticket and find nothing wrong. I am under network management 24/7 no matter my time or location. I travel 200 miles a day and no matter where I am it will not work. I live in a rural area they check the towers and say there is no network congestion yet I’m still being de prioritized at home and where ever I travel. They say the only option is to upgrade my plan but the 5G start has worked for me over a year with no issues. I’m not sure what has changed but upgrading my plan is not an option for me.  

iphone 14 pro max 

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Hello! This is definitely not the experience we want for you. We certainly understand the importance of having a fast and reliable data connection. Please send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for further assistance. We are available 24/7 on all three platforms, so please don't hesitate to reach out. *Bryan