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Anyone else mysteriously losing huge amounts of data from Ellipsis Jetpacks?

Bought an Ellipsis Jetpack earlier this month for travel where wifi is either unavailable or insufficient for my work (graphic design).  I've spent $300 now for 30G of data (prepaid as this trip is an anomaly).  I've MAYBE used 5-7G worth, mostly file uploading, downloading, and web browsing.  Turn the jet pack off when not in use, and then mysteriously (even though it's turned off)- Verizon emails me telling me that I've reached my limit and have to purchase another session.

This is not cheap- and when I called, they pretty much said "we're kind of aware" of an issue and then spent nearly two hours filling out some form and asking for numbers that did not exist on my device.  When I asked what I should do, of course they said "Find wifi" and I explained "I have the hotspot because I DONT have wifi."

I asked when it would be fixed, and if I just paid for another bundle and it did the same thing again- would they reimburse me.  I asked if they'd reimburse the lost data in any case.  Of course I can't actually ACCESS my data usage details because that would make too much sense- all I know is Gigs of data are disappearing from my account while the device is turned OFF.  WTH? 

Is anyone else dealing with this issue? Has it been an issue in the past?  How did Verizon handle it?

I was basically told last night that prepaid mobile hotspot users are such a minority that it's not really a big deal to them. smellslikeascam #scam disappearingdata data connection

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Re: Anyone else mysteriously losing huge amounts of data from Ellipsis Jetpacks?

In January 2016 I purchased a Verizon 4G LTE router, we live quite a ways away from the Windstream hub so our internet speeds are pretty slow, certainly not enough for two people to open a small video at the same time. Since the intention was to share the data usage across five devices I selected the 20G per month plan.  I had reviewed 12 months back and saw that sometimes the 15G plan was pretty accurate but I’d go to 20G to be safe.  With the billing cycle starting January 21 I was more than a little surprised to get a text message saying we had used about 50% of our date five days into the new billing cycle.  I called Verizon after looking at our bill on line, which showed 11.975G of data was used between the time of 4:13PM and 10:12PM for maps and navigation. Anyone that knows anything about data usage, would have to argue that almost twelve Gig of data for maps and navigation would be extreme.  Especially, since we didn’t even get home until after 6PM that day.  So according to Verizon I jumped on the computer as soon as I got home and navigated around my living room utilizing 12G of data. When I tried to explain the absurdity of that concept, I was told that they couldn’t do anything without looking into it further after the closing of the billing cycle on February 20th. I told them I had no problem paying the bill, but this was highly unusual since I had nothing else hooked into that router – I don’t have any neighbors within the range of my wifi signal – it’s highly encrypted and I just wanted a solid explanation as to what was going on.  I also said I didn’t trust the 4G LTE router now and I had shut it off, because I was concerned that one more day like that and we would have exceeded our plan.  The manager told me it was “OK” to continue to use it sparingly and not to worry about the data usage, since I called before and told them I thought there was a problem.  The billing cycle ended February 20th and I never heard anything from Verizon – I called them on March 10th.  I was informed they looked into the questionable usage and it was all legitimate.  I reiterated my disbelief in the possible usage of 12G of maps and navigation, the Verizon manager said “oh, yes that was coded wrong, it was actually video streaming”  I said if it was video streaming that would have had to been multiple movies and it would be something we’d remember or at least have a record of”  Since a HD Movie download would be roughly 3.8G, you would be talking about almost three movies in a four hour window.  Once again, it just doesn’t add up.  I was told, “it is what it is”  And since we went over our data plan by 2G it would cost us an additional $45. Great customer service – I’m sure they run into people every day complaining about their data usage - but – the service and explanations I received were atrocious.  OK – so why spend the time typing this up and complaining?  Here is what I learned.  I asked to freeze the phone records to that I could have them examined – I was told that they deleted them 10 days after the occurrence there was no way to recover them. I found out that during thunder storms when your lights flash and flicker, those instantaneous surges will turn the router back on, even though you had shut it off. Unless you physically pull the plug the unit can come back on.  Since this experience I have watched a movie, surfed the internet for HD video to watch played numerous You Tubes videos and have used up .78G.  I don’t like being taken advantage of and this is exactly what I feel like after being a customer for 20+ years and we have never, not paid our bills. Just wanted other to know the type of service you can expect from Verizon.