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Arlo Go never worked, going to lose a 10+ year customer

At a loss here, so going to try to bullet this in a way that can help get me to the right Verizon folks before I cancel all my accounts (timeline may be off a day or 2 here and there)

3/08/20 - Ordered Arlo GO camera. 

3/10 - shows up with a cracked case, after much discussion with Verizon they said best thing to do would be to take it to local shop for a replacement.

3/15 - local shop out of stock. says I have to go through a whole re-ordering process. 30 min drive to the store. 45 min there. 30 min home...oof.

3/18 replacement shows up. Appears as though the Arlo package had been opened before. Not sure. And I'm charged a $40 activation fee I wasn't supposed to be charged, as negotiated initially.

3/21 First attempt to activate the camera. It doesn't work right. I spent a couple of hours researching and attempting to start it.

3/25 call Verizon tech support. COVID has hit. No way to get through.

4/2 call Verizon tech support. No luck again, COVID.

4/15 call Verizon tech support and get through!  Get to Advanced tech support after a 57-minute wait. She's very nice...tells me the following: 

1. "Problems with these cameras at first are common, but then they work great".

2. "Seems like this is an older SIM card."

3. "Should have been activated before being shipped to you". We went through the IMEI & ICCID process. (I think they shipped me a previously returned camera.)

4. Arlo App on my Iphone disovers the camera and Verizon show it active. HOWEVER, Arlo says the camera is 'offline'. Verizon Tech person has no idea what is wrong and has nobody else to send me to. I don;t she has worked on many of these cameras. "Call Arlo" was her answer.

4/15 call Arlo - Arlo says..."If the app sees the camera then it's not an Arlo issue. Call Verizon. It's offline in their system."

4/15 call Verizon again...after much discussion, I ask for them to take back the camera and reimburse me for the 1+ months the service has never been activated. The guy 'Derek' was very sympathetic. The call gets escalated. Escalation guy 'Eric' totally the opposite. I was very polite...trying to be COVID kind. Keeps telling me I'm past the 2 weeks grace period. I keep telling him that's not my fault. "You sent me 2 cameras that didn't work, and I couldn't access your tech support, and now I've spent well over 6 hours between driving, calling and researching trying to get the camera to work." 

Finally, I am so frustrated from him not listening and making it seem like this is my fault, I tell him "you win, cancel the line and charge me the $175 cancellation fee". He promptly did that without any further attempt to remedy the situation.

I'm out around $600 because of all this. My wife asked me to try this board before I cancel our 2 personal phones and switch to AT&T.

It felt helpless. Like I had nowhere else to turn but just give in and now cancel my all my accounts as my only form of protest. They offered me no solution to the problem. Hands down the most disappointing customer service experience I've ever had.

Any suggestions before I pull the plug?