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Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycle helmet

I have an Arai Defiant - great helmet, but the usual Bluetooth gear (Sena, etc) don't fit well and sounds pretty meh. I usually ride with a Voyager Legend headset; the problem is that when I take the lid off, it tries to take my ear with it. My Skull Candy buds sound fantastic, but they stick out as well and then there's the issue of wires. Does anyone have any suggestions for a very low-profile stereo earbud kit?

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Re: Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycle helmet
Sr. Leader

I have used an actual helmet with bluetooth speakers in the helmet, but the sound is just not on par with other headsets I have used like the LG HBS-750.  Those don't interfere with my full face helmet on a sport bike.  I have tried all manner of headphones and in-helmet speakers, and I cant get away from a decent pair of low cost earbuds.  Depending on how you ride, the neckband 750s sound REALLY good, and you can control the sound with your left hand no problem.  Battery lasts a while too and they don't strain my phone battery either.  They usually don't get hung up between my ears and helmet when removing helmet either.  LG Bluetooth Headsets & Accessories | LG USA