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Bought a charger a month ago and my phone suddenly isn't recognizing it?

I bought my phone (V10) last Dec. and have already shipped it back due to some problems with the phone. I got a new phone sent back and bought a new charger with it--this was about June or July. Just recently when I unplugged the charger from the wall charger and put it in a different one the phone started acting funny. It didn't charge and couldn't hold a charge. When i put it back into it's original wall charger and tried it, it's doing the exact same thing. Saying that it won't recognize the charger and to use the one that the phone came with. Only problem is, the original one got broken.

You have to bend the cord a specific way and hold it for there to be any charge and even then, it takes about twenty minutes to get 5% on it.

I tried charging the extra battery pack with it and it does so fine but when I attach it to the phone there is a problem. I just got this phone and it's already giving me an array of problems.

I don't want to buy another 35$ or so charger to have this happen again.

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