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Customer Service won't help with a return

Was trying to purchase a car mount/charger for iphone.  Somehow I accidentally clicked a single button that submitted the order when I was not ready to purchase.  I immediately check for all options to cancel the order and after 5 minutes, I find no possible way to cancel an online order(insane).  

So, I call the customer service(within minutes) and the woman can't find my order.  I am giving her the order number straight from the app.  Nothing.  Puts me on hold for 5-10 minutes and comes back to tell me she can't cancel the order.  But, she will escalate it to a supervisor who will submit the cancellation.  Said I would get an email within 48 hours.  Never received an email.  

Few days later, I get the package delivered to my doorstep.  I don't open the package and I call customer service again.  They tell me that I should have just not taken the package(They left it at my door!).  Says they can't find the order info either.  Tells me to go to the website to submit a return.  My Verizon website says that I don't have any items available to return.  

Eventually he was able to get the return option available.  I print the label and drop it off at UPS.  I get the receipt.  Weeks go by and I keep getting emails saying Verizon is waiting for my return.  UPS says it was delivered a week ago.  So, I go on the chat and talk to someone and I am being told it is the wrong return label.  This is a Verizon prepaid return label address to Verizon's return department that I printed from the website.  This is the only thing I have ever returned to Verizon.  It's literally impossible to be anything else.  But the representative is telling me that there is nothing he can do about it.  It was probably marked as a donation and just taken.

So, Verizon wouldn't cancel my order, wouldn't let me return.  Then when I do return it, they take it as a donation and keep my money.  

No one seems to have any power to help.  

Re: Customer Service won't help with a return
Sr. Member

Not surprised by there lack of concern or help just my opinion but seems if they where with you and saw this information you gave them  including label they would still be in denial as for this issue I would contact your bank or how ever you paid and dispute it i.e get refund I would also contact ups and get confirmation that was delivered some time they have to sign can also request that be emailed to you