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Device Dollars

This isn’t even a question. I just don’t understand how device dollars are not allowed for use on purchasing accessories.  I know that it would potentially save the customer money (sometimes not even having to come out of pocket) but to me that is the whole point of being a Verizon member.  It’s called PERK.  What is not a perk is when you read the fine print and find out you can’t purchase something for $145 because you will never need another phone by the time the device dollars expire rendering my membership points useless. I feel like Verizon makes plenty of money to allow customers great deals on these accessories since everything is already marked well above average price on the market anyway. So now I get to go and pay $130 for an iPad second generation pencil through another vendor instead of getting one for free since I’ve been a member with Verizon for over 10 years plus And have sunk thousands of dollars into their phones and wireless plans...

Which is VERY unfortunate because the next wireless carrier that comes along with a better deal I will be much much, more inclined to take the offer. 

 These promotions that have these types of stipulations are NOT really promotions at all.....

Re: Device Dollars


As a fairly recent customer, I ported over to Verizon a couple of years ago, and I was late to the VerizonUp party. Because of this, I accrued 25 device dollars, and that seemed to be a hard limit. No more device dollars were offered after the 25 I'd accrued.

Today, knowing that my device dollars are about to expire, I went looking for what I could spend $25 towards. I had my eye on a small Bluetooth speaker and was about to check out, but no. I must spend my $25 on a phone, tablet, smart watch, or some other "connected device." All of these are hundreds of dollars and I already have very recent phone model. No thanks.

Verizon corporate, you folks come across as really cheap, stingy scrooges. Behind all the glitzy marketing and "promotions," I know Verizon Wireless guarantees that they will be 100 percent satisfied with my money. With the millions upon millions of profit Verizon is making, the bean counters won't even let me spend 25 device dollars toward a Bluetooth speaker? Yeah, thanks for being a customer. Indeed.

VerizonUp is getting revamped, and I'm preparing to be underwhelmed. Call me extremely skeptical that Verizon will do anything that actually prioritizes the customer over the bottom line. Every time I've had Verizon over the past couple of decades it's always been the same.

There. I vented my frustration.

Re: Device Dollars
Customer Support

We definitely want our customers to have great rewards with Verizon Up. Many of the rewards we offer are based on customer suggestions, and input, so that the rewards program gets better over time. We would be more than happy to submit your feedback on your behalf. Please send us a Private Message, if you would like us to do so.