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Expect to Have PTSD From Customer Service Experience

So I went to put on my Gear2 smartwatch today since I was on call and working in the yard.  Went to forward my calls to it and there was an update which I was forced to download, and then the app wouldn't open.  The Verizon tech support guy proceeded to tell me that I needed a new watch, and when I repeated that the app was telling me my phone was incompatible, then went on to tell me that I "need to understand how your devices work if you're going to take on the responsibility of owning them (?)" in an extremely rude manner.  I told him that what I needed to do was manage highly technical multi systems life support, collect evidence for certain crimes, and manage my yard and what he needed to do was fix my problem.  So he then went on about how irresponsible I am for pretending to be capable of managing a watch which I've been using for over a year and then wouldn't let me speak to anyone else and refused to tell me his name.   I was so frustrated that I was in tears, and literally begged him to just tell me what I needed to do to get him to help me fix my issue.  He refused and told me he was going to disconnect from my call, which he then did.  If I weren't so busy, I'd have gone down to the nearest Verizon store and attempted to shove that watch (and phone) right up someone's [Removed].  I'm finding several comments from people with similar experiences.  I am still stunned that there are people who are so abusive to other people for no reason whatsoever, and paid to do so no less.  

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Re: Expect to Have PTSD From Customer Service Experience

So what exactly is your problem?

Your post is a little aggressive and I am wondering if you weren't a little aggressive with the person on the phone.

You have something that doesn't work but you must understand that it is NOT the fault of anyone at Verizon Wireless. Also, it is not a Verizon Wireless product. You are working with a Samsung product so to get the best support, you might want to contact Samsung. Best Buy also has Samsung kiosks in their stores.