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(Fail) Zagg / InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite for S9

I was one of many who purchased Zagg's InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite for the Galaxy S9 only to discover sheer disappointment. Not only was it incredibly difficult to install but it broke after using only two days. I've used other Zagg protectors for years with my iPhone 6 and never had any issues. They lasted me over 6 months each and that's with dropping my phone literally on a daily basis.

The price tag on this item is much to high to be having issues like this. On top of that, I fought with Zagg Customer Service to get a replacement ordered. They hadn't even uploaded this product into their warranty replacement page yet. So, although, I attempted to register and order a replacement, I was unable to.

There are numerous reports of people having this same experience. Essentially anywhere you lookup reviews of this product, you'll find this - BestBuy, Amazon, and even Verizon's own website. On day one of the S9 launch, Verizon had even pulled the Zagg's for the S9+ but left the S9 version on the shelves. My question to Verizon Wireless Services​ is why they're still carrying this flawed product, misleading customers! There's clearly enough customer feedback to see that this needs to be pulled. I even feel that Verizon might be trying to hide this fact, as they wouldn't post my product review, claiming "it didn't meet posting guidelines".

This is not okay, Verizon. I want a refund on this purchase!

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