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Gear S2 has anyone had trouble with bezel not rotating smoothly?

I recently purchased the Gear S2 in Dark Gray on December 1, 2015. About one month into having the device, I noticed that the bezel was stuck. After a bit of attempting to get it rotating it began working again. It still works with the device in all the right ways, but it continues to not rotate smoothly and will start clicking louder near the bottom corner. There aren't any dents/bends/scratches that would attribute to the problem. I called Samsung support and was told that their warranty would only repair the device, but I could check with the Verizon store that sold me the watch to see if they could replace it. I was curious if anyone else has had this problem and if it is strictly a hardware malfunction, or could possibly be fixed with a factory reset? Also curious to if anyone has had any experiencing with warranty replacement/repairs?



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Re: Gear S2 has anyone had trouble with bezel not rotating smoothly?

2 week old watch with no trauma or adverse exposure whatsoever.  Removed it from the charger and decided to work the bezel to switch apps instead of screen swiping.  The bezel movement didn't feel smooth, like maybe there was debris in it.  I work it back and forth a few times, and then after a few turns it mysteriously freed up.  Unfortunately, now the bezel feels slightly loose - if you tap the bezel it jostles around (you can sort of hear it click, like metal on metal). If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say there is some type of design defect causing this issue.  I plan to take it up with Verizon tomorrow.