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Gear S2 promotion tribulations

Three months ago, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from Verizon and was very excited to be eligible for the promotion for a free Gear S2 watch. While I have been thrilled with the phone, I have been extremely dissatisfied with the Gear S2 promotion. 3 months after registering and being approved for the watch, I received a Gear VR at my door.I had received no indication prior to this that I was not going to receive the S2 watch, and had even confirmed with Prizelogic that my submission for an S2 watch had been successful. Additionally, The promotion check status page still said "awaiting fulfillment".

I spoke to Verizon whom told me to contact Samsung whom told me to contact Prizelogic. After waiting on hold for almost an hour, I was told that the location code that Verizon sent me was invalid and Prizelogic had automatically switched me to a Gear VR. I went to a Verizon store who called Prizelogic to confirm the location code they sent, and was told that as the Verizon store had ordered my phone instead of me ordering it personally (The phone was ordered, though, it was not picked up at the store), I was not eligible for the watch. Verizon representatives at the store explained to me that they were not aware of that stipulation at the time. I then spent 4 further hours on the phone with Verizon customer support and Prizelogic, both of which have directed me to Samsung. Unsurprisingly, Samsung sent me back to Prizelogic and Verizon.

At this point I am extremely frustrated. Not only has the promotion taken far longer than it should have, but it appears that the terms of the original promotion were not made clear to Verizon. Additionally, when I registered for the promotion and contacted Prizelogic originally to confirm my promotion status (both of which occurred when the promotion was still running), I was informed that I was eligible for the Gear S2. I have been anxiously awaiting the Gear S2 watch ever since and have certainly not appreciated the amount of time I have wasted contacting Verizon, Samsung, Prizelogic, and going to the Verizon store I initially placed the order at.

After calling back Verizon customer support, I was told that I would be given $25 credit towards my account for my time spent dealing with this, as well as the option of $100 off the Gear S2 3G. They stated that this was the most that they would do.

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