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Gear S3 Frontier (LTE) sync and Remotely connected and calendar not syncing


I'm trying to understand how the 'remote connection' works between my Galaxy S5, my Gear S3 Frontier watch and Verizon Wireless.  It appears that emails, texts, and calls sync but the Samsung calendar doesn't. The default Samsung calendar is used and syncs across all of my other devices (GS3 and Samsung Tablet connected via WiFi) but not the watch which is connected via 'remote connection'.

I've searched the web and have read sporadic instances of this but no real answer outside of the usual restart of phone/watch, clear cache/data on the gear app, and factory resets. Well the Samsung folks just want me to factory reset instead of working with me to make sure all of the settings are correct. I've done factory resets in the past and my experience has been that none of the factory resets solved the problem at that time so you can understand my hesitance to just go and do that. I would rather understand first before just blindly doing something that someone instructs me to do from a script.

The watch is updated to the latest s/w version.  However I'm running android 4.4 on my GS5 as I'm completely happy with it and it is the minimum requirement to run the Gear app so that shouldn't be the issue. Everything including the calendar also syncs just fine via bluetooth.

So I would like to know from the experts just how syncing works via a remote connection.  Specifically:

1. What prompts the watch/phone to sync? Is it sync frequency like to sync every 2 hours via the setting? Also why doesn't phone/watch sync when you do a manual sync?  My watch doesn't sync to phone when I do this.

2. My google account (google gmail and calendar) and my Samsung account share the same gmail email address.  Can that cause a problem with syncing? Is a Samsung account even needed as I never officially had an account until very recently when I purchased the watch but all along, my other devices synced normally albeit via WiFi if that makes any difference.

3. Why does the 'remote connection' drop intermittently? I've seen this happen a few times now and they connection is broken for several hours and then suddenly it is re-established....why is this? It goes into 'standalone' or 'emergency' connection.

4. For syncing to even work, I've been told that you have to use all of the Samsung apps to do this. So I've switched to the 'canned' samsung apps on my phone and it appears that most things do sync (email, texts, weather etc) with exception of the calendar. So what are the settings for the calendar on watch and phone to sync? I've looked all over the web and phone and I think everything is set correctly but just can't make calendar sync via remote connection.  It syncs via Bluetooth just fine however.

So I go back to my original premise and would really like to know just what are the requirements and settings needed to make all of this syncing to work properly? Samsung tech support is not very helpful at all and I've tried phone, chat and email. No one wants to take the time and walk through all of the variables at play here to make this work and that's what I'm after.  Any help, comments or opinions welcome.

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