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GizmoHub App Problems

After the update to the iOS app - things have gone extraordinarily downhill. Let me list the issues I am having. This is appalling considering the great resources Verizon has to let something so important be so bad. They aren't fixing it because they don't HAVE to. There isn't much competition in this space. Therefore, @vzw thinks they can keep this as a low priority. After all, how important can keeping track of your kids be? NOT THAT IMPORTANT if you go by Verizon's actions.

Issues I want answers to:

  • I am unable to create another Guardian. When I logged in the first time to the app to register my son's GizmoGadget, it automatically assigned me as Guardian 1. I am unable to change this or add my wife as a Guardian. Due to this, she is missing functionality.
  • It has changed my son's birthday so that it thinks he is 6 instead of 7. I am unable to edit this.
  • It keeps telling me my son is across town and in other countries WHILE HE IS AT SCHOOL. All location services are turned ON.
  • Notifications are not consistent. I see different notifications than my wife. If my son calls her phone, it list that in my history but not hers. She is a Caregiver in the app (again, I am unable to change that).
  • Steps do not reset each day. My son is now up to 85000 steps as it will not reset unless you turn the device off. Stupid.
  • I have tried resetting the entire watch and adding it back as well as deleting the app. Nothing works.
  • My wife and I are both running iOS 12.01. The GizmoGadget is running the latest software. We have an iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

Fix these issues.

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Re: GizmoHub App Problems

My husband‘s Samsung is always correct with the app. My iPhone nope!!  Is always telling me my dd isn’t at school. Which is scary because she walks to school.

Re: GizmoHub App Problems

I agree, the change to only allow one guardian is ridiculous. Also, the fact that my child can no longer text people listed as "buddy" is ridiculous. She can only call them now. I don't understand why they made changes that made the app worse!

Re: GizmoHub App Problems

Having very similar issues since iOS forced their most recent update on my iPhone. I've had decent functionality with connection to the gadget, but I'm unable to edit my information also, or update the software. Did the same with deleting the gizmo watch, and deleting the app. Even with a tier 2 Verizon tech. They put a post up for gizmo to check since it was past Gizmo's business hours. I think gizmo just needs to patch the problem, but I'm not sure how they're going to be able to if the iPhone app won't let you do an update. My wife's android phone attempts an update, recognizes that it has the most recent update, but iOS 13.1.3 won't even allow a connection in the app to confirm if it has the most recent software update. A possible workaround might be to log into your GizmoHub account from an android phone and update the gizmo watch from there. Which may give back functionality to the watch with the update. But I'd bet managing the contact settings will still remain a glitch that will need patching still. 

Re: GizmoHub App Problems

Is it a "feature" that users can no longer text people listed as "buddy"?  I just noticed that too