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Google Nest Mini "for you, on us" really?

I got an offer for a Google Nest Mini “on us” by Verizon that I haven’t been able to redeem and now it has disappeared from my account. It will be due in a couple of days June 16.

I am a VZW company lifetime customer, yeap, since the first year the company started. The very few first years costumer service was exceptional. Unfortunately as the company has been growing costumer service has been declining. I fear doing changes to my account, even changing to a new device or a new plan because of the bad experiences I have had with costumer service, particularly with the promo offers the company offers. By now I truly believe such offers are just ways to lure people to engage us on business with the company, which means more money for them.

I got the promo offer “a Google Nest Mini on us” along with a new connection of Home Internet back in February. 60 days later was supposed to get an email to redeem the Google Nest Mini. Never got such email and on my account there was nowhere to be found, was so disappointed and let down again by a company a have been trying to rely on that didn’t want to ask for it, it meant to contact costumer service and I just didn’t feel like dealing with more disappointment, frustration and a total waist of time. I’ve been asked for proof of the offers before and this time I didn’t have one. About a month later that I supposed to be able to redeem the offer I was checking my account on my mobile and there was the offer to be redeem, I did click on it and was charging me for the device, so I didn’t proceed with the transaction, later I got an email reminding me about my incomplete purchase. Some other day went back to redeem the offer to no avail. The link went invalid so I decided to go online on my pc, logged in into my account and after few attempts was able to add the Google Nest Mini to the cart but again was charging me for the device, no code to redeem it for free showed up anywhere. Well I though, maybe when I finish the transaction it would show up. But I wanted to put the amount of the transaction on my bill statement not on my credit card and it didn’t allow me, so I asked on the chat why I needed to charge it to my credit card and the agent on the chat told me because of the activation fee, pardon me? Activation fee for a Google Nest Mini that connects through Wi-Fi???? I couldn’t keep going on, not with this person on the chat. Closed the chat and logged out. Next day went to a VZW store to ask a real person about it, do I need to pay an activation fee for a Google Nest Mini if I acquire it on Verizon? Of course the answer was no. I was expecting for an email from Verizon to remind me about the item I left in the cart like before, but didn’t happen. 4 days later I logged in into my account to proceed and finish my “purchase”. The cart icon on the upper right corner of the website showed there was one item in the cart but when I clicked on it, it showed an empty cart. Went back to my account and the offer for the Google Nest Mini was nowhere to be found. Went to check my mobile account and it wasn’t there either. Honestly I feel cheated, played on and the disappointment and frustration just grew even more.

One last try, any solution? @vzw_customer_support 

Don't ask me to send you a private message, I don't know where or how.

Re: Google Nest Mini "for you, on us" really?

I got a prompt reply from customer service and was assisted on private chat by Angela but she left me chatting alone. She didn't say that she was leaving or that the conversation was done. I guess she thought she gave me a solution to my situation when she mention an email that VZW sent me 15 days ago about a pending order on the Google Nest Mini that I tried to get clicking on the promo on my mobile account but never finished the transaction because I was being charged the full value of the device. This was her last message on the chat: "I see on 5/30/2022, the Google Nest Order was pending on the account. We sent you an email, can you search that email? There should be further required steps to complete the transaction. *Angela". I looked for the email and yes I have it but the links sent me to an empty cart. I kept writing on the chat but didn't get an answer, I waited more than an hour after her last message and nothing. Just a waste of time again, I would like to say that I'm at the beginning again but no, I've been deceived again and gotten more frustration. What a lame situation or company should I say.