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I have phone number for my LG sport watch

I have phone number for my LG sport watch listed on my order page.

Does this mean that my LG Sport is already have it's sim card installed and waiting to ship?

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Re: I have phone number for my LG sport watch

Simple answer is Yes and No. The phone number is typically tagged to the order when it's placed to reserve that number for your account or device. You select the area code and prefix and a next number system generates the remaining digits. So, yes Verizon has these watches, but no, they won't be shipping to you anytime soon. They've had stock since March, but Verizon wanted to pit their own Wear24 watch against the LG Watch Sport. Their version wasn't ready in March so Verizon has intentionally deceived us to keep the Watch Sport off the market. You should read through the string titled, "LG Watch Sport Ship Date." It will give you all the info you're looking for.

Re: I have phone number for my LG sport watch

Yes, Verizon has intentionally cancelled the sale of the LG Watch Sport in order to promote their own Wear-24 Smartwatch.  It's a shame, cause verizon could've made tons of extra money by giving it's customers the option of choice between the LG Watch Sport or The Wear-24.  But instead they chose to anger their customers by removing their ability to have a choice of smartwatch and instead force everyone to buy their Wear-24 watch.

Good news is, you can still buy the LG Sport from the Google Store, Bestbuy or another retailer and still get it connected to Verizon.  It's a long frustrating process, but it can be done.  The key is to get an activated Verizon nano-sim card installed in your watch.  Visit a Verizon store and ask the Rep to map a new nano-sim card to your current phone's IMEI # then install that Sim card in your watch.  Keep in mind that most store reps will be reluctant to do this, because it's not normal practice; but be persistent but not disrespectful...Hope This Helps.