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I received a brand new 4GLTE JetPack today at 8pm and turned on it on for the first time at 8:44 PM. I connected it to my laptop,spent 1 hour and 3 minutes shopping for a laptop on a big box store website. I played no games, watched a 1.5 minute video ad/demo and my JetPack device said I used 1.43 GB of data in that hour. I called customer service to no avail, chatted online with a guy that told me I had to call in. I checked the data usage and the device read that the data was that which was used "since the device was turned on" less than an hour earlier. The data shown on the device at the time it was turned on is 1.15GB. Considering that is half my monthly allowance and I had done nothing other than remove it from the box, there is something fishy going on.

I am bewildered at how this is possible. I'll be returning this first thing in the morning as 1.5GB an hour is RIDICULOUS! There is one open window and I may have looked at 20 webpages tops in that short period of time. I even checked to make sure my laptop was the only connected device and it is. at 3 hours a day x 30 days a month that is 128GB  which would be $750 PER 100GB  28GB in overage charges of $15 per GB =$420 for a grand total of $1170 per month. Sorry, but that is almost as much as my mortgage. I've read multiple complaints on this and it appears Verizon won't budge and is holding folks to paying this when it happens. I left Verizon almost 5 years ago and came back due to the great iPhone deals and plans. I am disappointed to say the cost of the JetPack use is outrageous and disappointing.

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