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Need charging dock, mat or ? for Flip Phone (Samsung Gusto 3)

Please help!  My elderly aunt couldn't use a smartphone, so I found a samsung Gusto 3

flip phone. Problem is...she doesn't remember to turn the cell phone off, and I can't find a charging mat for this flip phone.  I don't know really how they work.

IS there anything for her to put  the phone on, when she is done talking?

Such as a cradle, dock, mat, ?   I understand the phone will always be charging.

IT is our only option!  Thank you in advance! Smiley Happy

(she needs it for long distance)

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Re: Need charging dock, mat or ? for Flip Phone (Samsung Gusto 3)
Sr. Member

I haven't seen those accessories for that device either myself but short of having to keep the phone plugged into a wall charger, does she primarily use the phone at home for long distance or does she need it for travel? Perhaps she'd be more comfortable using a home phone connect device to use Verizon wireless service on a normal large type cordless home phone/cradle solution instead.