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Network Extender Setup but doesnot improve coverage bars?

HI All,

I setup two Verizon network extenders at my work. After I asked folks to dial #49, they are under network extender coverage. However, their cell phones show only 1 bar, which sometimes disappears! Is it supposed to work like this??

Thank You!

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Re: Network Extender Setup but doesnot improve coverage bars?
Sr. Member

Are their phones connected to LTE? Phones with Advanced Calling (Voice over LTE) will not be able to use the extender until the LTE Calling is disabled. Additionally, while phones may be showing LTE coverage for the signal, they may be connected to the extender (as your test confirms) and the underlying voice signal is stronger.

Don't trust the bars... ever Smiley Happy

A better solution than the Network Extender is to use a passive wireless repeater. Doesn't rely on a broadband connection, and the phones see the signal from a repeater as nothing more than native coverage. Plus, they do LTE whereas the extender does not.