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Receiving texts on Gear S3 Numbershare?

Has anyone figured out to receive text in standalone mode?

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Re: Receiving texts on Gear S3 Numbershare?

It does not work yet, i've been watching this closely for months now, the phone part works seamlessly as you can probably tell (when phone is totally off you get calls and can make calls) but getting a text when the phone is off not happening.  Very frustrating.

Re: Receiving texts on Gear S3 Numbershare?

The more I called Verizon about this, the more oblivious they appeared to be about NumberShare. Good news is I figured this out on my own (more or less) see if it helps.

My test bench:

  • Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
  • Huawei Nexus 6P

First, check the Gear Manager and ensure that under "Gear Connection" that "Remote Connection" is turned on/enabled. This is where your Gear S3 will receive notifications such as texts and email when you are not connected to Bluetooth.

There's more though, first you have to establish a Bluetooth connection with you smartphone before you plan to use it as a standalone watch. Once you've initially connected your Gear S3 to your smartphone, then you can disconnect your watch from your phone's Bluetooth, and then wait...

When you drag down you curtain on the Gear S3 from the watch face, you should see "Standalone". Keep waiting though, because you need your Gear S3 to say "Remotely Connected" and of course "Verizon Wireless 4G LTE" The "Remotely Connected" is what we need, that'll ensure, at least in my experience that you continue getting notifications when you're away from my smartphone.

Couple things to keep in mind, resetting your Gear S3 will break the remote connection. Resetting or powering off your smartphone will break that remote connection. Remember, you have to establish a Bluetooth connection between your Gear S3 and Android phone before you venture off without your smartphone, or the remote connection will never be established. 

Hope this helps.

Re: Receiving texts on Gear S3 Numbershare?

The short answer is that it does not work if the phone is off and, if on, sharing messages is totally dependent on using Samsung's software. 

I have spent months being lied to by VZW customer service and tech support.  I was told before and after I bought the watch that Numbershare would allow for both calls and messages to be sent and received as if from the phone's number regardless of whether you use Samsung's Gear manager app and regardless of whether the phone was on or off.  When I tested it shortly after purchasing it several months ago, it did not work for messages if either 1) the phone was off or 2) the Remote Connection function in Samsung's own Gear Manager was not on, it would not share messages.  It will share calls.

Upon calling tech support, I was repeatedly told that this was a "known issue" and that a "fix" was in the works.  I was even told as late as last week in a chat with VZW tech support that VZW was waiting for Samsung to roll out the update.

After hours of work by a great follow up by a VZW tech support specialist, she confirmed yesterday that, according to a chat she personally had with both VZW and Samsung higher level tech support, all of these excuses were untrue.  There is no fix coming.  There s no plan for a fix.  It simply will NOT share messages as if from the main number if you do not have you phone 1) turned on, 2) connected to the internet, and 3) running the Gear Manager app "Remote Connection" function, (It will of course share messages with Gear manager if you are connected to the phone via Bluetooth. But if you want to leave your phone home, you must use Remote Connection)

So, all of the marketing about Numbershare sharing messages is total BS.  It will ONLY share calls, not messages.  Numbershare has NOTHING to do with sharing messages.  Despite VZW claiming in the web site and in stores that both calls and messages are shared with Numbershare, only calls are.  The only way to share messages is by using the Samsung Gear Manager app.

I also know that successfully sharing messages has nothing to do with VZW or Numbershare because, before I bought the VW Gear S3 Classic, I got frustrated waiting for Verizon to come out with it and bought the T-Mobile Gear S3 Frontier.  It shared messages just as well with my VZW phone, so long as I was using the Remote Connection function of the Gear Manager app on my VZW phone.

Knowing more than a few, this kind of deceptive marketing is just the thing that Plaintiff's lawyers love to turn into class actions. 

Re: Receiving texts on Gear S3 Numbershare?
Sr. Member

That sucks that it took so long for a knowledgeable Verizon rep to provide you with a detailed response regarding the Number Share feature functionality

(like I did in June- Number Share - SMS Text Messaging Problem ) instead of the prior reps who were just providing answers to placate the issue and get you off their phone.

For accurate details I'd always suggest using the Verizon FAQ website, especially with new features like this one vs. getting details from employees that haven't used Number Share before due to it being so new where they're likely guessing at answers or may confuse functionality with other services they offer like you had in this case with the Integrated Messaging feature.

The Number Share marketing & feature details (NumberShare FAQs | Verizon Wireless ) still doesn't and still never did state full messaging functionality with a shared number would work with the host device off. It's still only with the Integrated Messaging feature (Verizon Messages (Message+) Terms and Conditions | Verizon Wireless ) that allows for messages with a phone number to be sent & received across multiple devices that many employees & customers tend to confuse with the newer Number Share feature.

Definitely not the most ideal setup if one wants to have the host device off, but as I explained months ago in the forum due to the technical limitations of SMS and app/forwarding process used with Number Share vs the web routing & sync process of Integrated Messaging it is functioning as expected that's why there's no 'fix'.

Re: Receiving texts on Gear S3 Numbershare?

after I get my gear s 3 classic screen to read standalone it does not go on to read remote connection. any help?


Re: Receiving texts on Gear S3 Numbershare?

I cannot thank you enough for your post! I'm finally getting text again even if I  lose my bluetooth connection!

This is a stupid setting. I'm not sure why it exists or how it got set to "Off". I never would have even known to look for it without your post.  Thank you again.