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Repaired Samsung Gear s3 won't re-provision to Verizon network - thoughts?

Thought I'd ask this question of the community to see if anyone else has experienced this problem and found a solution that Verizon TS isn't aware of. Before folks tell me to return my watch to Samsung, I waited too long to address this problem with them. My repaired/replaced watch is out of warranty and they have refused to help me because it's beyond the 90 day warranty for a repaired watch, even though they permanently broke this functionality with the replacement watch.

Here's the deal... My Samsung Frontier Gear S3 watch had the capability of having it's own cell phone number which permitted number share with my primary Verizon # so that I could be away from my phone and still receive telephone calls. Back in April/May I sent the watch in and unfortunately I was out of the country when the replacement watch was returned. Last week, I decided to address the "connection" error message telling me to contact Verizon for assistance in re-provisioning my watch to the Verizon network. After a total of 7 hours over 3 days, including calls to Samsung, the conclusion is that Verizon is unable to provision to my replacement watch.

According to Verizon - my ICCID is not compatible. The replacement watch came back with an ICCID of 89019990001234567893 - Verizon says that it should be something like 8914800000xxxxxxxxxx. The crazy part is that the assigned IMEI on my replacement watch was correct.

In the end, I had Verizon delete my watch from my account, since I'm paying for line charges for a watch that cannot connect to their network. The part that I'm wondering about - and whether or not this community has ever seen this before - would it be possible to now go back in and try adding my "new" watch again, despite the ICCID issue, now that there is no longer a watch in their system with the same assigned IMEI? In other words, we have not yet tried adding this watch when that IMEI assigned watch already existed - and Verizon's attempts to change the ICCID to the new one did not work.

If anyone has an idea, I would love to hear it... In the meantime, my watch works just fine using Bluetooth - and I'm very unhappy with Samsung customer service.

Re: Repaired Samsung Gear s3 won't re-provision to Verizon network - thoughts?
Customer Support

Pardon the interruption, Twstdvn. We see that our assistance may be needed here. Having a working device to use is of the utmost importance and we don't want you to have to go through this any longer. Just to ensure we are understanding your correctly, who sent you the replacement device? Have you reached out to Samsung again with this issue?