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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Numbershare

So after Verizon canceled my LG Watch Sport order I have been looking for a new connected watch to replace Gear S2 classic. Today magically I find out that Verizon is now selling the Gear S3. I visit my local store in DC to upgrade only to find out that the connection to my plan via Numbershare is not the $5 a month i have been paying but now its $20!!! If anyone has the Gear S3 Frontier connected already on Verizon please share some info because i can't wrap my head around the increase. Is it worth it? Why Verizon why??!!!???

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Re: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Numbershare

I agree, this is [removed]!  Not enough that they took an extra 6 months to get this out.  $240/year is a lot.  Maybe Comcast will figure out a better way to bundle this together.

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Re: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Numbershare

I purchased the gear s 3 the day it came out here in NC, and yes it said $20 a month.  That is wrong and the customer service rep at the Verizon store made sure it got changed to $5 a month.  They were all surprised that it was showing $20.  They did resolve that for me.  I returned the watch a few days later because unless your phone is on messages will not go to the watch.  The reps at the store could not figure it out nor could the tech support on the phone.  It was a struggle for them to have my phone calls go to it also when my phone was off, they fixed that by using some call forwarding thing.  I still wanted all messages and email to go to watch at times if phone battery dies or I just leave it home off.  Maybe they will fix the glitch and in a few months I will try it again.

Re: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Numbershare

The same happened to me.  The store made a mistake.  Call Verizon.  Verizon now has Numbershare which was rolled out with the Gears s3.  That means the watch can use your mobile number. And calls to your mobile phone number will also be directed to your watch, even when the watch is not connected to the phone via Bluetooth.  This even works for IPhones. You do not have to use the watch's phone number. If you use Numbershare, your monthly fee is $5.  If you do not use Numbershare and keep the watch's phone number accessible as a separate line, your monthly fee is $20/month.  After getting the watch I checked my plan

online and saw the charge would be $20/month.  I called Verizon support, they set up numbershare and reduced my charge down to $5/month.  Numbershare works for phone calls, but does not yet work for texts.