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Urbane 2nd Ed. Method to test Heart Rate Sensor.
Sr. Member

I'm on AW1.5. Awaiting 2.0. Is there a diagnostic tool, possibly a dialer code  that tests the Heart Rate Sensor?

I know when it's trying to obtain my HR, the green LED emitter blinks. I think the receiver may be mal-functioning though, because it can never determine my pulse, even if the watch is flush with the top, or the bottom of my wrist.

For other sensors, I've successfully used Wear GPS and Sensor Info apps from the Playstore to look at GPS/Satellite reception, Accelerometers and Orientation Sensors and the like.

I'm not asking about anything that might be considered "hacking", as I intend to always run the stock Android Wear code and Wear downloads, but often a manufacturer will create dialer codes to perform various device diagnostics. It's possible one has to be in Developer Mode to use them.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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