$200 switcher rebate
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I switched to Verizon from boost . I did so because of the $200 rebate for switching and the iPhone 14 on the house if I have the  $120 unlimited a month plan. Three weeks into my service I had to have my phone number changed because I was being harassed by an ex. Then three weeks after that I received an email stating that I would not be getting the rebate because the number could not be found…. I called and pitched a big fit when they told me I was out of luck. Even tho you can clearly see on ‘account activity’ that I had switched to Version from Boost and had  the number associated with the rebate three weeks prior therefor am in-fact due the rebate.  There is nothing they can do they said.…. 
And my $120 bill has done nothing but go up every month since I switched. It was  $200 and then $131 and now $164. I'm upset  and I feel takin advantage of how do I get  out of this deal with this company.

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Re: $200 switcher rebate
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Hello, Tarynouttie, we're glad you decided to switch to Verizon and want to ensure you are able to redeem your offer. We can help review your bill charges as well. So we can best assist, we will be reching out via Private Message.