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So i ordered 2 new phones for my account. One phone came and the other one messed up and it took part of my deposit off. ASo i called back, the lady on the phone ordered my other phone again with no problems. Then after i authorised everything, I got an email that more information was needed in the frrod department. So i called this number, and I have never been spoken to the way that guy talked to me. He told me that there was nothing i could do, and then said if we dont want to service you we dont have to. So i asked him why and he then told me he would make it where i cant order anything and then hung up on me. I know this sounds horrible, well it was. I called back, and now that same department says there is nothing i can do. tThey told me they could not tell me anything else and that i basicly was stuck with the one phone out of the 2 i ordered and couldn't do anything about it. This is the werse thing i have ever been told in my life when I have all the power to verify who i am, and did verify. But instead they lock my account where i cant do anything about ordering anything else on my account. THis makes no sense ot me and I was treated like dirt. So if they wont fix this, do i really have to cancel the other line and take my business some where else becuase I cant even have a phone taht i can use, but yet want me to pay for the other line and act as nothing is wrong? I gave them the money for my account and everything was fine till this guy who knows who he is has locked my account where i cant do anything about it.

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Customer Service Rep

jdstep1978 We're sorry to read about the issue with your account and the verification process. Were you able to activate the device that you received? ~Peter