Bad Experience in Store

I ordered an iPhone 13 mini for my daughter from Verizon website. The phone arrived two days later. After she turned on the phone and followed the procedure to activate her phone. She failed to use the phone. She could not dial/text/browse with celluar data. Since we lived closed to Stonetown shopping center in San Francisco, she and her mom went to the Verizon store there. After she explained her problem to the representative, the first answer was that she would be charged for sixty five dollars for help. The reason for the charge: the phone was bought from website, not from their store.

They left the store and went home. My daughter contacted Verizon support online.  Eventually, the online rep fixed the problem on Verizon side.  For some reason, her phone was not activated correctly before shipping.  Now, her phone is working.

I wonder what the purpose of Verizon store is.  If a phone is not bought in store, no customer support?  Why should I pay additional money for someone's fault? I am already charged for $35 for "upgrade" when I order the phone online.  I am very disappointed by this kind of in-store experience.


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