Being Billed for a Device that Should Not be on my Account
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Verizon rep advertised an amazing deal

$38+tax for a new Iphone 14 Pro with 5g Do more. the billing agreement showed something different but the agent insisted that the bill would be updated by end of day with promotion prices.

Come next day, the bill still showed the same and the rep told that it would be updated next cycle. Feeling something sketchy was happening, i immediately had the rep cancel the plan. he did it in mere minutes and said a confirmation was send to my email and upon seeing the confirmation for a refund of my actual payment and email saying the return was completed, i stepped out of the store. But the device was still showing on my account and the rep said it would take 2 weeks to be removed from the account.

2 weeks go by and the issue still is the same, the device and a new number still on my account. when i reached out to the customer support team, they start saying the device was active and there is a new line on my account and made me run in circles. when i pointed to them that we never receivced a device and no sim was ever activated, they checked their system and confirmed that the line indeed was to be cancelled.

Today after about a month, the device still on my account and now my bill is showing an additional $134. when i reach out to rep team, they are saying that i should pay it and will be refunded in 1-2 cycles. 

How do i get out of this mess created by Verizon?

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Customer Service Rep

Thank you for bringing it to our attention that there is an issue with your account. As a fellow consumer I understand the importance of accurate billing. So I can catch up here I will send a Private Note so we can work together within your account.