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We have a problem. 

As of recently, I am a new Verizon business customer. Unfortunately, ever since, I have been plagued with one headache after another. For starters, I was forced to spend nearly four hours in the Verizon store attempting to get this new account created and my number ported in from T-Mobile. The sales rep was very kind, but ultimately as frustrated as I was. Please understand, I am paraphrasing. It was far more complicated for seemingly no good reason. Computer crashing, problems with pin creation, inaccuracies in data input, porting issues, discrepancies in Verizon's promotional offering, and then a very unexpected 20 percent deposit on my new line. I'm now known at the local Verizon store as the guy with "very bad luck."

Today, my father and I attempted to bring over his 2 existing Verizon lines, currently in his name, and add them to my business account; as we explained on day one, this was our plan all along. Laughing and joking, the Verizon rep assured us this would only be a 15-minute phone call. Well, I am here now to tell you, today's call lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes, my lines were not brought over, and I'm ready to leave Verizon forever. 

After nearly an hour of troubleshooting my new account's pin and Tax ID discrepancies today, the Verizon rep informed me there would be a $200 down payment for bringing each of the two lines over to my business account. Not only was I informed at the Verizon store that this would not be the case if both phones were kept and not upgraded, but I am left shocked and very disappointed that Verizon would stipulate these conditions either way. First and foremost, my credit is not an issue nor is my father's credit. Additionally, my father is already an existing Verizon customer, the account is now paid current, and today we were simply trying to bring over these lines without upgrading. One of the two phones is already paid off and the second is eligible for an early upgrade. These down payments are arbitrary and unfair to our family, and we absolutely refuse to pay these ridiculous fees. 

Now that I am frustrated immeasurably, I feel compelled to cancel my Verizon business account. At this point, I am within my 14 return policy. However, I have since contacted my Verizon sales rep to discuss my options, and I was informed that since my iPhone X trade-in has been sent in, I can no longer get it back. My former device was 100 percent paid in full, and I feel that by Verizon not returning my device, I'm being bullied and essentially robbed. How am I supposed to return my new phone if Verizon will not return my old device? 

If it's not already obvious, I am a business owner and as you can imagine, I do not have time to deal with this nonsense. Please make this right, Verizon. We do not deserve to be treated this way. I would like these nonsensical "deposits" waived, and my father's two lines brought over to my account. We are good people, please show some compassion. 


Dusty J Buell

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Re: Business Account - Assumption of Liability
Customer Service Rep


We are so sorry to see you have had such a tough time getting your business account set up. 

We want to make sure you get the assistance you need. You have reached the Verizon peer-to-peer customer forum, but we do not have access to business accounts.   

Business and Government Customer Operations can be reached at 800.922.0204 during their hours of operation Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Local Time.