Business Service

I applied for a business account April 20th. Sent in requested documents April 30th after speaking to the credit department.  I waited and got a letter in the mail with an account number and no balance owed by mid May. I called in and Andy didn’t even allow the conversation to come to a pleasant end before throwing me on hold and transferring me without telling me where he was sending me. I spoke to the second person who told me I had to call the local store  to finish my application. I called, provided my application number and my account number. Jon told me I was already approved for the account which is why I had an account number.  Jon said he was running the store by himself and he had an event he had to go to with his wife at 6 so I wouldn’t be able to stay long.  I went in today instead since clearly I would have intruded upon his event with his wife which was clearly more important than being professional with customers. I go i today and he started a new application. He called in and talked to credit dept again. Then he started arguing  with me about how my business was organized. He didn’t believe me so he pulled up the secretary of states website to see if i was listed. I said no. You can be a sole proprietor and still have an FEIN. He kept trying to pressure me into providing my social security number when I was not once asked for it. I got so agitated I walked out of the store. Verizon has gone too far, not just with me but throttling which led to deaths during the California wildfires and northern Maine which they finally cut so people can’t contact emergency services. Talk about a junk company. Verizon has lost all my business, personal or business. To rashly tell someone they were approved then argue and say you need additional xyz.   And the throttling. 

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