Cannot log into My Verizon and Got Announcement 24 while abroad

When I was in the USA, I tried to register in the My Verizon application but did not succeed as when I typed in everything, the button "complete registration" stayed gray. 

After leaving the USA, I found out that I could not receive text message or call from others though I did tell the staff in the shop that I needed such a plan and he said OK.

I turned on my TravelPass and tried calling myself by another phone, but I got announcement 24 saying that this line is restricted. Now, I try to log in My Verizon to remove the smart family restrictions (I did not even hear of it, not to mention turning it on. Why is it on?). I tried to register again, but I never succeeded. When I refreshed everything and tried to register again, it said that I am blocked due to too many attempts. Then, I tried use my email to register and add my mobile number and got a notification that this mobile is already registered. So, I tried to sign in, clicked "forgot my info". It asked me to enter my zip code, which I do not remember that I have set anywhere. So, I typed in the same same zip code appearing in the "billing address" entry of the email that Verizon sent to me but I got: no matching.

Why can you not just send me another authority code to let me reset my password? How can I solve this problem now?

Re: Cannot log into My Verizon and Got Announcement 24 while abroad
Customer Service Rep

We want to make sure that you receive the help that you need. We will be sending a Private Note to address this with you. *Brittany