Charged for returned phone!
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I am being charged $1,499 for an iPhone that has been confirmed as returned. I have spent over 100 hours trying to get this resolved. I have PTSD from their hold music, and they have hung up on me more times than an angry ex!  This has been going on since December 1, 2019, and it is now February 28, 2020! My phones have been shut off about 15 times since December 1. They charge me $20 per 5 lines, so $100 every time they do this to me.

They make promises and then don’t follow through with them. They have been very rude, hateful, mean, condescending, and not helpful at all!  Especially supervisors!!

This, on top of my internet doesn’t work on any of my 5 devices (all top of the line Apple devices). I have tried everything including resetting the network settings, powering off and back on,  etc. 

How do I get help?

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