Company Name ID Inconsistencies
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The department I work in is using/testing the Company Name ID services to see if that is what we'd like to implement permanently. From what I've read the company name id (CNI, I will shorten it to this abbreviation from now on) should be pretty easy and straight forward. You add the service to the specified lines, you give those lines a custom number and/or name that you want to be pushed out for the receiver to see.

That part's been done and we only made a custom number change. What we're trying to figure out is why do only some receivers get the custom number? And why do some still have the caller's number pushed out instead?

We've tried testing it within our department and it's been inconsistent. When we only had one line with the CNI we concluded that if you had the person as a contact prior to him calling, you would see that contact info that has been saved on the phone already. We found this to be false with three other phones we added the CNI service to and tested.

Phones - people who have the CNI service

Persons - people who do not have the service

Phone #1 is the most inconsistent one, for the first few tests, when phone #1 was already a contact, it would push out it's original number. Once it wasn't a contact, it would push out the custom number. These initial tests were done at 2 weeks after having added the service. A week later from the initial tests, we tried again. When phone #1 was and wasn't a contact it started pushing out the custom number, except on Person A. The funny thing is Person A's carrier is Verizon and the other phones (#2-4) are pushing out the custom number to Person A.

Also, phone #1 when it first called phone #2, it was the original number. A week later when we tried that again, phone #1 was pushing the the custom number.

Then the last thing is that when we call our department phone number, we always get the original number displaying not the custom number.

Any insights, ideas, or suggestions will be appreciated. I am willing to answer more questions as well.

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