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Who can I contact to get assistance with my business account. I have been trying to place an order for new equipment for well over 2 months and I have yet to be able to successfully get the order shipped.

I first tried calling Verizon to simply place the order over the phone. I keep getting the "automated" attendant who would disconnect my call after sending my phone a text message. This was back in October.

I finally bit the bullet to spend the day in trying to get a "live person" on the phone but I was connected with Chatting with someone. Due to the number of lines I was looking to upgrade equipment for, chatting was not working.

Spent another day calling and waiting on hold for 2 hours to finally get a live person. We were on the phone for about 45-50 minutes going through all the options to only get disconnected on the reps end. And the rep never called me back.

So I then decide to go to a Verizon Store, but the stores won't take anyone in person in NJ. So I had to make a "business" appointment. I went through requesting a business appointment and nobody ever call me to tell me what time to come in. I then decide to set up a "personal" appointment.

I go into my local store and the rep is confirming all my company's information and is willing to help me. However, the email address on file was an email address that has not existed in over 6 years. Funny thing is I get an email every month with my monthly bill with no issues; however, the email address assigned to the account is different -- go figure. In any event, rep tells me she changed the email address, places the order, and tells me I will get an shipping confirmation. A week goes by and nothing.

Back to the store I go with no appointment. I wait for an hour. A different rep tells me my order is on hold because I never acknowledged the email that Verizon sent me for the order. Come to find out email was sent to old address. Rep tries everything she can to change email address but can't. Tells me she will work on it the next day -- at this point it is 8pm and store is closing.

That night I get someone on the phone at Verizon. They tell me my order next shipped because the phones are on back order and won't ship until sometime in January. Tells me they can cancel the order and reprocess it because everything is in stock. Starts processing the order and guess what -- the old email address is back. Rep goes and fixes everything, reprocesses the order, gives me an order number and tells me I will get email confirmation on Monday.

Well today is Monday. Guess what did not come -- the confirmation. So I called Verizon back. Get a rep who tells me my Friday order was not processed because I did not confirm the order to from the email Verizon sent. Guess what -- now no email address for my account. So the rep cancels my order again; goes through processing it again and cannot process the order due to no email address on file. But remember, I get a bill each month. So I don't know why no email address on file.

So rep sends me a form to fill out my email address and tells me it will take 48 hours to process adding the email address to my account.

I want to know who I can reach that can fix this issue and get the new phones order for me. If this does not get resolved soon I will be switching carriers. I have wasted so much time as a small business owner during COVID trying to get new equipment for 5 lines. This type of customer service is appalling.

Once that issue is resolved, I would like to know who to contact to discuss why I cannot get account information from the website. I am limited on what I can and cannot see when I login. I am the only person with account access. I am the account/business owner and cannot access account details. 


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We're truly sorry to hear about the issues you've been having with your order. This is certainly never the experience we want you to have. For assistance with your business account, you will need to speak with our business specialists directly at 800-922-0204, or *611 from your Verizon Wireless device. They are available Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM Local Time. We would recommend giving them a call as soon as you're able to so that this can get situated for you.