Constant Delivery Issues - any ideas of how to complain to a REAL rep, not the chat bots
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Phones were supposed to come on Tueday, no show.  Rep says will be there Wednesday, no show on Wednesday.

On Wednesday I call and they say OH the rep made notes in the log but never placed the order.  We can place a new expedited order right now and overnight the phones to you, hopefully will come Thursday but worst case by 10:30 am Friday

Did not come today.  Check portal, order does not exist.  Chat with rep they say they will be there tomorrow but the tracking number won't be available until the day of arrival, quite possibly after they are delivered.  ??? What kind of company ships an order but can't give you a tracking number?

I believe they haven't even shipped and it's just more lies from Verizon.  Any ideas of how to get to someone to address this issue.


BTW PT 2 the phones ordered that never arrived, when we had to place the new order, the deal available on Monday is no longer available on Wednesday .  So the cost difference is an extra $750.  True Bait and Switch.

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