Customer Service Number is a Myth

Most of the responses to people's questions on here tell them to call the customer service number. The problem with that is the customer service number does not get you to a live person.

This is Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023, and I have been trying to activate my wireless service with Verizon since last Friday, Feb 17th. The SIM card I ordered on the 17th has still never been delivered (with 2-day UPS shipping scheduled), and I ended up at a Verizon store yesterday, the 21st, to get a SIM card. The store employees were no help after I received a text stating my port transfer number was needed, when it had already been given to Verizon the day before. The store employee told me, "oh, you have to call". Why am I calling Verizon when I am standing in a Verizon store?!?

Since this past Monday, the 20th, I have called at least 15 times, and have got ahold of a person once. All of the other calls go through an automated message system, and when you ask for a rep, the message says, "sorry you're having difficulty, good bye", and hangs up.

So, telling people to call this number is a cop out to get out of answering any questions. You almost never get a live person on the line. And how in the heck does Verizon not have an email contact in the year 2023? I have spent a good 10 hours on chat through Instagram, the only place I get a response every time.

After multiple resets, trying every step the support person asks over two days, now I cannot make or receive calls or texts.

It certainly seems like Verizon would rather you do not speak with a live person. But make sure to get your payment sent right away. And every time you call, the first thing the automated message says is "your next payment is due...". So they have your first payment, and are already telling you when the next payment is due, but who cares if your phone works, right?

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