Customer service for line transfer = complete garbage

I've been a customer for years and years. One employer took over my account, but when I got laid over, I tried to have the account transferred back to me. Yet, I encounter nothing but issues. I can't complete the transfer online myself, so I ask an agent over chat.

It goes nowhere. Next agent seems to know what they're doing, sets me up, and I think it's fine. Then instead of an email that tells me the transfer is complete, I get a receipt for a sim card I didn't ask for. When I check my account, it still hasn't transferred back to me, and the customer service can't help. She wants me to call telesales, but it's too late to contact them that day.

A complete waste of time and effort and I'm considering just dropping Verizon all together for a carrier that doesn't make everything difficult for customers.

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Re: Customer service for line transfer = complete garbage
Customer Service Rep

MMcNic2808, we apologize for this experience and want you to be able to take over your line again. Please contact our Transfer of Service Team at 888-832-4540 to help complete the transfer. Thank you.


- Alan