Customer service horror
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 Monday November 16, 2020 call with Josh at 800-922-0204

Josh: “Here is what I can do with the order I can cancel this and you can just go to a store that has stock for the devices that you would like to purchase.”

Me: I asked him if he needed the store address where I wanted to pick up the phones.

Josh: “No need because again I do not make an order for instore pick up but I can cancel this right now so that you can go to the store directly and get your purchase.”

Me:  No no. So I was just at the store and the woman at the store said that you guys need to cancel it and redo the order as an in store pick up. She couldn’t help me with that.

Josh: Yes.  She couldn’t help you because we had not cancelled the order. But once I cancel the order you can definitely go there and get your purchase because on our end we are not allowed to make…the in store pick up is not working. So I doubt if I am able to process it now I’m afraid that there may be trouble with your order.

Me:  What kind of trouble with my order? Meaning you can’t place the order?

Josh: Yeah there might be trouble placing that order. For example there may be a delay, there may be a disconnect, the store may be able to see that we made an order to in store pick up.  So what I can recommend is a safer way is to go directly to the store.

Me:  Ok but they told me to go through you guys to get the order placed.

Josh: Again they can definitely do it there but on my end the only thing that I can do is cancel.  Once it is cancelled they can definitely do it there.

Me: Alright are you going to cancel it effective immediately or how long does it take?

Josh: Effective immediately. And tomorrow you can definitely go to the store to order something ok?

Me: Ok, what is your name?

Josh: Josh.

Me: Ok so Josh you’re going to cancel it right now? Now when I go to the store because I bought these phones on special.  They had a special deal going are they going to honor the deal?

Josh: Yeah, I mean what deal that you have?

Me: I had a trade in credit and a port in credit on these phones.  There was some deadline before the 5th so I placed the order on the 4th. This salesman who not return any of my call or respond to any of my emails to help me with this. He said that was the special if I purchase these phones before the 5th which I did.  I purchased them on the 4th. So they should honor that at the store correct?

Josh: Yeah but it should be a corporate store so they can understand what they are trying to do.

Me: What’s a corporate store? You mean not a reseller?

Josh: Not like a kiosk or a small store. The corporate store of Verizon.

Me: Yeah you mean the big one? Yeah ok, Alright.  I just came from there. Ok, so you’re telling me tomorrow I can go in there and get the phones? Or should I place the order online?

Josh:  You can actually go there tomorrow.

Me: Ok. I guess that is all I can do. Do you have an incident number or a case number? Or anything like that?

Josh: Let me check.  Bear with me for a moment. I have the ticket ID that I have successfully submitted a cancellation for your order. Are you ready?

Me: Yep.

Josh: 4482201

Me: That’s a ticket ID for the cancellation. Ok. Alright and your name was Josh.

Josh: yes.



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Re: Customer service horror
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Wednesday November 18, 2020 call with Mary at 800-922-0204

Mary: Yes ma’am how can help you today?

Me: Ok Mary, for the fifth time today I ordered I opened a BUSINESS account on November 4th with a telesales rep.  I then order 5 new phones.  5 Iphone 12’s. Four of those phones I was going to port in and one would be a new number.  He then went ahead and shipped me those phones.  Those phones were returned to your warehouse by the shipper. The telesales rep is non responsive to me. I then called your customer support line this past Sunday they instructed me to go ahead and go into the store and try and pick up the phones there. I did so and they told me I needed to call customer service and have the phones cancelled. The shipment cancelled because it was sitting in your ware house. I then did that and made another appointment and went to the Verizon store today.  They said they can’t help me because it has to be…I don’t know…released or something on your end.  In the meantime they said they could help me by giving me 5 new phones but I would still be responsible for the payment of the original 5 phones plus the additional 5 phones and I would not be getting the rebates that I was promised on the 4th.  In the meantime the telesales rep NOT responded to me what so ever and I am at my wits end. I want phones.  I don’t want to be charged 8,000 dollars for 5 phones. What can you do to help me?

Mary: To be honest with you ma’am if the phones that you got before from the telesales team and you got the phones under a promotion and discounts they would be the one to have the phones in order for them to order the phones under a promotions and discounts.

Me: You’re not understanding me.  He’s not responding to me.  He is not responding to me what so ever. He has no contact information except an email.

Mary: Yes we will go ahead and escalate this one can you hold.

Me: No hold on. I was just on hold for an hour with some rep.  He put me on hold, transferred me to the sales team because he said he couldn’t do some code or something. They put me on hold for another half hour.  So I have been on hold for an hour waiting for somebody to come back on the line. Finally I hung up and called and I got you. Somebody was helping me and then they dropped the ball. He was trying to replicate the old order and get me my phones but he stalled because he could put in some code.  At this point I want to talk to a manager. A supervisor.  Somebody upper level.

Mary: Uhm.  I understand what you’re trying to say ma’am.  With the promotions and the discounts…..

Me: I want to speak to a manager. No no no.  I want to speak to a manager. Get me a manager.

Mary:  Let me check if there’s an available manager right now ma’am.

Me:  You need to find one. You need to find a manager.

Mary: Let me check if there is any okay? Hold on. Just in case ma’am do you have a best call back number?

Me: A what?

Mary: Just in case.

Me: A what?

Mary: Do you have a call back number? Just in case. I am trying to find someone here so I will be able to escalate it. What’s your best call back number?

Me: ********** and I will continue to call.  If you guys hang up I will continue to call until I speak to a manager. I will continue all day because I have all day.  I’ve been doing this for a fudging month.

Mary: I’m just check if there’s an available manager as of the moment ma’am. I’m just checking.  Hold on. I can’t guarantee if there is any because of course our managers are currently unavailable.  I am trying my best. Hold on. Hold on.

On hold for 5 minutes

Mary: Our supervisors and managers are currently in a meeting.

Me: then why don’t you give me a name of your manager and a phone number?

Mary: I’m sorry ma’am we do not have that.

Me: You don’t know your manager’s name?

Mary: No.

Me: You work there and you don’t know your manager’s name?

Mary: We are not allowed to provide that.  Of course there are managers.  I have already your call back number.

Me: Then I will stay on the line until a manager gets on the phone. I will not hang up.

Mary: Ma’am I not allowed to stay on the line.

Me: Then I will call back and I will continue to call back until I talk to a manager. I’m done with this. You guys are giving me the run around!  I’m told all kinds of things. I’m told call the customer service, I’m told to go into the store, I’m told to cancel the shipment, then they tell me they are gonna charge me another 8 grand for the phones that I just cancelled and they told me to cancel it! And I still don’t have my fudging phones! Somebody needs to call me.  Somebody needs to get on the phone now!  I’ve been dealing with this since the 4th.  I’ve been to the store 3 times.  I’ve called your line 5 times today and I’m getting nothing!  Hello?!

Mary:  Yes I understand…

Me: I want to speak to a manager now! I need to speak to a manager now! I’m not going to except no as an answer.

Mary: Ma’am we do not have an available manager. As I mentioned they are all in a meeting. We really do not have an available manager. All supervisor and managers are in a meeting.

Me: Every single one of your managers in a meeting?  Ok we’ll see about that. Because I’m going to hang up right now and I’m going to call right back. And I’m going to see if they are in a meeting ok?

Mary:  Yes ma’am thank you for your time.

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Wednesday November 18, 2020 conversation with Christine at 800-922-0204 right after speaking to Mary.

Christine: Thank you for choosing Verizon this is Christine how can I help you?

Me: Christine, I need to speak to a manager!

Christine:  Can I have your first and last name so I can address you properly?

Me:  My name is ***** ******** and I would like to speak to a manager.

Christine:  Let me just verify the account first before I get you one. What is the name of the business ma’am?

Me: XXXXX Services, Inc.

Christine: Thank you.  If you don’t mind me asking ma’am why do you want to speak to a manager?

Me: Because I’m getting the run around between you and the stores and sales rep.  I just want my phones and I can’t get my phones.  You guys are trying to charge me for the original order or shipment that you guys instructed me to cancel and on another set of phones. I want to speak to a manager.  I just want to get my phones. I don’t have my phones.  They are at your ware house and I’m having a hard time getting them. I’m getting misinformation from your side, from the store side, and the sales rep won’t even call me.  He won’t even return my emails. This has been going on for a month. AND I still don’t have my phones.

Christine:  I hear you ma’am let me get you one.  Hold on a second here.


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Wednesday November 18, 2020 conversation with Maria at 800-922-0204 right after speaking to Christine

Maria: Good afternoon thank you for choosing Verizon.  May I have your first and last name please?

Me: Maria, my name is ***** ******** I need to speak to a manager.

Maria: Miss ***** may know the reason why you would like to speak to a manager?

Me: Because I can’t get my phones!

Maria: Did you place a new order for a new phone?

Me: No I opened a business account.  The order was shipped out and returned to you guys. No I’m having a hard time getting my phones. I’m getting the run around by your department, by the sales department, by the Verizon store.  I can’t get my phones. They want to charge me extra money for another set of phones.  I need my phones and I want to talk to a manager.

Maria: ok just hold on please I’m reviewing your account.

Me:  Some guy was helping me about 2 hours ago, put me on hold for an hour. And I hung up and called back and I’m going to continue to call back until I speak to a manager.

Maria: Please hold on for a moment Miss *****.


Maria: Tuyen?

Me: Yes.

Maria: Thank you for patiently waiting.  As of now the manager is currently on call.

Me: I thought they were in a meeting? Because I just called about a half hour ago and was placed on hold because they were in a meeting. No they are on call? Someone needs to get on the phone with me now.

Maria; We do have different supervisors and managers.

Me:  Well someone needs to talk to me now.  I need to talk to someone now. I’ve been dealing with this for 3 weeks. And now the stores are telling me they are going to charge me for the shipment that I just cancelled.  I don’t have my phones and you’re going to charge me for phones that I don’t have. I can’t get another shipment and this is ridiculous.  I can’t close the account because they’ll charge me for the original package.  No this is ridiculous. I need to speak to a manager.

Maria:  I do understand your concern Miss *****.

Me: It’s not a concern, it’s a problem.  It’s a problem.  This is a problem. I need to get this problem fixed. TODAY! I don’t want to have to go back into the store and explain it all over again for the hundredth time. This is the 7th call I’ve made today to you guys. I need to speak to a manager. And I will continue to call until I get a manager.

Maria: Stay on the line ok? Just to clarify you returned the old order?

Me:  No no no. I didn’t return it! It was returned to you by the shipper. The shipper returned it to your ware house. I went into the store to try get them to give me the phones. To swap the phones. They said they couldn’t do it because in a pending status. Their suggestion was to cancel the order.  I then did that and then went back into the store and they said they can’t help me because these phone numbers that I was going to port in they were now linked to these phones that are in your possession. Then they wanted me to buy new phones for another eight thousand dollars a pop and charge me for the original phones. And I still don't have my phone.

Maria: Have you already paid for all of this device?

Me: I haven't done anything because I opened the account on the fourth and they were shipped to me the shipper returned it to your facility, to your Warehouse. I haven't seen the phones. I have no phones in my possession. I can't get any phones because there's some hold it between you guys the sales team and the business office. I mean the Verizon store. Nobody can help me. Everybody keeps deflecting me to everybody else, to another department, go to another department, call another department, call somebody else call. Somebody else, go see somebody else, but I don't have the phones, but we can get you new phones for another $8,000. Does that make sense? Honestly! I would like to speak to a manager and then I called after I went to the store today. I was put on hold for an hour after the guy tried to help me and he got stuck with some sales code or something, passed me off to the sales department. That department put me on hold for another half hour. Then another lady came on and said hey, I'm just here for applications. Put me on hold again. So I was on hold for a grand total of an hour and a half so far. I want to speak to a manager. Does that make sense and if I have to explain this whole situation again, I'm gonna go completely. I mean I'm livid right now. I just want my phones and I don't want to have to pay another $8,000 for my phones. I don't have them in my possession you guys have them.

Maria: Just hold a minute Miss *****.

Me: Another 10 minutes. That puts us at a grand total of two hours. Two hours on hold. Two hours of my life. I'll never get back. 25 Minutes

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Wednesday November 18, 2020 conversation with Rupert/Rich at 800-922-0204 right after speaking to Maria

Rupert:  I thank you so much for calling Verizon. My name is Rupert can I have your first name and last name, please?

Me: I'm sorry, your name was?

Rupert: Rupert.

Me: My name is ***** ********. I’m calling for m8w Services Inc. I need to speak to a manager.

Rupert: May I know the reason so that I could relay your concern.

Me: Yeah, I open an account on the fourth the shipment of five phones were sent to me and it was returned to your Warehouse. I'm having a hard time getting those phones to me and I'm getting conflicting stories between your facility or your call center, and the store. People are telling me to do this thing and do that, do this and do that and I'm just going back and forth. This has been going on since the 4th of November. I need to get this cleared up and straightened out and I can't seem to get that when I'm talking to the store rep or anyone and the sales rep that I spoke to open the account, he will not respond to my emails at all.

Rupert: I see. Okay, so just give me a moment. Okay. Let's just try to speak with a manager.

Me: Looks like they blocked the other number. 10 minute 10 minute just a minute take a minute.

Rich: Thanks so much for patiently waiting this is Rich one of the managers here in Verizon business department.  This is *****?

Me: Yes. Yes. Yeah, you're the manager?

Rich: Yes, I am in management.

Me: Okay, and I can I get your name? Okay, Rich. Let me start from the beginning. Okay. So on the on 11 4 I contacted via the online request for information on opening a business account. I then received a call back from a Mark Jones telesales representative who helped me establish a new company business account. I then had five new iPhone 12s.  Four of those phones I was going to port in numbers and one was a brand new line. He then told me that the there was a special running that ended on the 5th. So he contacted me on the 4th and the promotion was a $500 trade in for each phone and $300 port in for the four port in phones that I was porting over. He then created the order it was shipped to me and the shipper returned it to your Warehouse. So I contacted I've been trying to contact this telesales rep who is pretty much non-existent at this moment. He has not responded me since the 13th at all. He hasn't helped me at all. So I called the customer service line on Sunday and they suggested that I go into the store and pick up, and try and pick up the phones there. So I made an appointment for the following Monday. This past Monday I went into the stores and they said they couldn't help me and the phones were in your warehouse and they were in a suspense state or whatever. So I said, so what should I do? What do I need to do to get these phones to me? And they said you should call the 800 number and have them canceled or have the shipment canceled. I left the store called them immediately. Called the 800 number and had them canceled the order. They said it would take a couple of days to get that order to post or transaction to go through. I made an appointment for today and I went in and they said no they couldn't help me again at the store. They couldn't help me and the phone numbers that I was porting in are now attached to those phones that are sitting in your Warehouse. Okay, then they tell me that because I canceled the order they could sell me a new set of phones for an additional $4,000, $800 a piece and there would be no credits. And they couldn't do anything about the original order that they would still be charged to me. $800 a pop for those, the ones that are sitting in your Warehouse so I had no other option.  They said wait till it goes through it could take up to 72 hours but that still doesn't help me because you guys have the phones. I can't get the phone numbers switched over and if I close the account they'll still charge me for the original package. So what can you do? And I've been calling and calling and I've been trying to get a manager on the phone.  I get one “they’re all in the meeting”, the other one is “they’re on call”. I don't know what that means but they are all on call and no one can get me to a manager. Until you. Now about two hours ago I was on the phone with a gentleman who is trying to help me. Who's trying to replicate the original order and put in all the credits and he got stuck on the sales code and he transferred me to the sales. I was on that call one hour. They put me on hold and then put me through to the business application section or what she put me on hold. I stayed on that phone call for another 20 minutes and hung up called back which put on another 20 minute hold. I hung up called back and this has been a cycle. This is number 10 call. So now I'm just a little frustrated. I've also made another in-store appointment for Verizon because I just want to pick up some phones and I don't want to be charging for another set of phones and I want my credits. Does that make sense? Okay. Now what can you do to help me?

Rich: All right. So as far as I can see here I mean that the order it was returned to the warehouse. There was two right?

Me: No there was one shipment that I know of. You want the tracking number? I have the tracking number.

Rich: Yep, I definitely need.

Me: Okay, it was only one shipment. It was returned. I tried to get this guy this sales rep guy to help me and the tracking number is…it's 900430663308. That's a FedEx tracking number the order number. You need to order? you need to order number? Order number is three six five one three.

Rich: All right. I got this one. Got the fed ex number. So two device return, how many phones do you got right now?

Me: I have zero. They all went back to your to your Warehouse. I'm only aware of one package.

Rich: So you have one phone right or

Me: I don't have any phones. I have nothing everything was returned.

Rich: What about this phone ****? This is my phone.

Me: I don't I don't know. I don't have that one either. I don't have anything.

Rich: But it's showing is active and

Me: They're all showing as active which I don't understand how they can be active when I didn't activate them because I don't physically have the phones. They're all showing active.

Rich: You don't have

Me: I don't have I don't have one single phone from that order nothing. I'm

Rich: How are you calling us right now.

Me: I'm calling for my business phone that I have. On T-Mobile.

Rich: I mean that there is one phone that has been you know active.

Me: It hasn't been it's not active. I don't have the phone.

Rich: I do believe in you and yet there isn't a trump card that I can see that it has been, you know returned.

Me: So I so then I was like well, why can't I just pick them up at the in the in-store and the rep that I spoke to on Sunday said you can do that you could you could go down there and see if they can send them down to you know, pick them up. You can pick them up at the store and they told me to call the 800 number and have the original package that was sitting in your warehouse at the time that I should cancel that one and then come back and that's what I did. And then that when I come back the second time they said no, I still can't help you because they're in like a there in like a suspense status or something and he couldn't all he could do is he could sell me another set of phones put and then swap those phones, but I would still be responsible. He said I would still be charged for the original package of the original five set of phones and the next set of five phones at the retail price. And I said that is not doable. And then I said, well what if I just close the account you guys have your phones? I don't have your phones. I'll just close the account. He said you'll still be charged for the original phones.

Rich: Alright, so right now I'm trying to go ahead and reprocess it and remove the upgrade eligibility just in case right now. I'm seeing four lines on the account.

Me: There should be five. Okay, well that that sales rep messed up up because there should be five there should be five for that. I was going to port in and one new line. And the guy at the store said yeah, I don't even have this number ***********. But I got it confirmation, a statement. Hold on. Statement notice I'm trying to find the email with the statement. Okay, so I get a notice that there's another there's two accounts listed on here and they are ******** and ********. And I'm only aware of the one ending 2116. Yeah, but the other one is 266 one. It says my statements are already are ready to view. I don't even know how I can do that because I haven't even I don't have the phone's. I haven't activated them.

Rich: All right, but what are those? The numbers that you’re going to port in what are those the four members?

Me: I'm sorry, the four numbers that were to be ported over all have 619 area code and the first one is *******. The next one is *******. The next one is ********. And the next one *******. Those were the four that were transported. 3254.

Rich: I get those information now to 1918? So we're not allowed to different exist.

Me: What do you mean

Rich: because I'm trying to like disconnecting then add just add it in line for it and then re-order but not that's not happening to me. So really the option here is do you know? Reprocess that on the same phone number under the same.

Me: What number?

Rich: Yep, under those numbers the **** Those are the phones are the numbers that you ported in.

Me: Now the sales rep promise me and $500 trade in rebate. Once you guys received the phone, of course. I understand that and it's $300 of porting in of the four lines 300 apiece. You got to go through cannot can you did you get it to go through?

Rich: Okay, because what happened is that those devices that was you know, yeah return to our warehouse. Yeah. That messed up the eligibility on those devices on the account?

Me: I don't know what that means. But everything that you do everything for you to be able to you know me or purchase a phone on Verizon. Okay. I don't know. I just want my credits and I need my phones.

Me: Okay, I don't care how you do it. I just want the I want the $800 credits on the for phones and 500 on the 5th phone and I need my physical. I need the physical phones.  And I'd like to pick them up in the store.

Rich: All right. Well, here's what I'm going to do. I was able to see that those numbers that you have mentioned in you get already here in Verizon. So they've already been ported in. However, there's no actual device on it there is but it did not ?????. So we need to reorder again

Me: Reorder? Okay. Am I still going to my credits? Am I still going to get my credits or what?

Rich: You will still going to get your credit.

Me: So let's reorder and I want to do an in-store pickup.

Rich: In store pickup? I need to remove those upgrade eligibility. Okay, we need to fix that. Okay, so

I need to send an email to the offline team so that they'll be able to go ahead and align it

Me: And how how long is that going to take?

Rich: 24 to 48 hours just to set your expectations.

Me: Oh my gosh. You realize I needed these phones like two weeks ago.

Rich: I know.

Me: I mean now that not only did I cancel the order and I may be I may have messed up that up under the instruction of your personnel and now you're telling me another 48 hours. You can't make it go any faster?

Rich: Let me try. All right. Yep, it's not letting I mean even with my you know access not letting yeah expedite it. To change the upgrade eligibility.

Me:  Ii don't know what that means but so it shows that the 1109 2022 to 3 at the current time where current date right now. Okay, and you can't override that hoop in is there anybody in your office to can override that? No one?

Rich: No, I need to deal flanking really I can go ahead and email him right now. All right in there are actually Four active lines on the account so I can hold the

Me: what about the Fifth Line. There should be 5 I4 lines ported in one new line.

Rich: One two new lines.

Me: No one new line for reported in one room. Yeah, and that new one was was a 2451 number.

Rich: Okay, so where is the other one, which is the one that you port it in?

Me: Oh the number the 2451 is a brand-new line. That one was not ported in. And then there should be the set of four phones that were being ported in and they were there the last four digits on the last four digits honors, two nine nine. Oh two nine one, three two, five four and zero two five three.

Rich: Okay. 245 it's a van

Me: and the that it's *******.  It should be ported in.

Rich: I had 0253 it’s a port in.

Me: Yeah, it's a port in ******** is a port in.

Rich: All right, I'm missing one number. It's the 0253. I'm using that number your account

Me: you're releasing it.

Rich: I know it's missing on the you know

Me: on the order.

Rich: I mean on the account so they can only see four lines. So that one is missing.

Me: Did you check did you check this other account number? *********.

Rich: I'll check.

Me: Because I don't know why I had a email that my statement is ready for that account. I don't know what that is.

Rich: That account number please.

Me: **********.

Rich: We have the

Me: but that's all it says. That's all it says on the email. Yeah, it doesn't give me anything else on the email. It just says I can go in and log into the account. Then select the number you wish to look at Okay, click billing. I haven't I haven't even set that up because I haven't received the phone.

Rich: we need to fix this quick. I'm sending the request as of the moment. I won't be able to receive an email tomorrow though.

Me: Okay, so how do I contact you? Because I don't have to go through another 10 calls to get you.

Rich: Yeah, definitely. I don't want you to experience. I mean this hassle, what's your best call back number

Me: ***********. Do you have an extension or something?

Rich: I don't have the extension actually

Me: email?

Rich: No email. No email. I mean we can only do like internal email that's like mean by Verizon only.

Me: Okay. Well if I don't hear from you then I'm going to start calling until I reached you, right?

Rich: I don't I don't want you to do that. So, I’ll be calling you tomorrow and I'll update you from time to time to make sure.

Me: So when can I expect we'll call because I will occur I will continue to do this tomorrow. I will call and call and call until I get a manager because I have all day to do this. Now I'll be in which is tomorrow Thursday. I will be in a meeting between two and three other than that. Yes, it's California.

Rich: What about four to five?

Me: My time?

Rich: Your time

Me: My time, that's fine. If earlier just keep in mind. I have an appointment at the Verizon store on Friday. I'm hoping that I can pick up phones on Friday.

Rich: I hope so too. will fix it up on Friday. I need to finance and yep.

Me: And your name is Rich.

Rich: My name is Rich.

Me: Okay, is there any other if I have called back and I ask for Rich are they going to know who I'm talking about or is your I don't know some mail slot or something.

Rich: They do have notes on the account.

Me: Okay.

Rich: I understand.

Me: So I just tell him read the notes on the account.

Rich: Please

Me: Okay, because if I don't hear from you I'm going to occur. I'm going to blow up your phones. All right, I guarantee I will do it.

Rich: We don't want that to happen Okay, we don't want that

Me: Because that's what I did today to get to you. I blew up your phones. This is my tenth call to you guys today and three and three hours later. So I'll expect a call from

Rich: I really sorry you experience at the after that.

Me: So I'll expect a call from you tomorrow. Okay, thank you. Okay. Thank you so much.

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Seems other users have same or similar issue in regards to porting numbers and promotion etc

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11/23/20 Received email from executive offices with a phone number and a name.  Forwarded contact history and asked for a return call.

11/24/20 Called twice and left a message for a return call.  Also sent emails following each call.  Haven't heard a word.  

Re: Customer service horror
Customer Service Rep

TouchDown_68, I'm sorry that our Executive Office hasn't responded just yet. I've sent you a Private Note so that I can assist further.