Data Charge Dispute - Business Account Specialist Will Not Even Respond
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Verizon is charging overage for our business account based on a very large amount of data that they show was used by an internal flip phone.  The user of the flip phone is an elderly gentleman with no real knowledge of advanced features or any desire to use the phone as a wireless hot spot.  We have checked the phone over, and there was almost no data activity history logged on the device, and when we opened the WiFi hotspot portion, is prompted us to "setup mobile hotspot", which seems to indicate that the phone was not setup for this previously.  There are also no apps on the phone other than the Verizon Backup Assistant for contacts.  So the CEO of our business wants to argue this very large charge that Verizon plans to bill us for, but I cannot even get our VZW business account manager to respond to my messages.  He obviously isn't planning to be of any help.  So my question is, how do I contact someone higher up the ladder at Verizon, like a regional manager?  I guess I would like to speak with my account manager's boss, to see if that person can help us get this mess ironed out.  I have already called VZW customer service and while very friendly and polite, they were not helpful at all, and would NOT put me in touch with a West Michigan regional manager.  If anyone has any constructive suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and have a great day.  🙂

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