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Dear Verizon -


I was a Verizon customer for years and years when I lived on the East Coast, my family are loyal Verizon customers, my uncle used to even be a Verizon home services sales person who won trips every year for how well he did. In 2020 I decided to get off my parent's phone plan and get myself one. The cheapest option at the time was Xfinity Mobile. I transferred my number from Verizon to Xfinity. This process took about 15 minutes total and I was able to become an Xfinity customer that very same day without issue.


Now, 3 years later, I have decided that a better plan for me is to go back to Verizon Wireless and transfer my number back. I had no hesitations about the number transfer because when I transferred TO Xfinity, there was no issue at all and it took minimal time/effort.


On Tuesday, 9/12, I purchased the phone online to be picked up in a Verizon store and it was ready quickly and I had a good experience picking it up. I went home to activate the line, not knowing and never once seeing or hearing that it could take up to 24 hours to transfer a mobile line. I set up the iCloud portion, and then was not able to set up the cell line.


At that time, I called verizon for help. They told that day not to worry at all and it will happen in it's own time and I will receive a text on my old device when the line is ready. I waited the full 24 hours, plus some, and there was no resolution.


So, I did what I was told on Verizon's website - to call the Port number. I called them and the first person I spoke to said, "oh yes, it's all ready for you, all you have to do is click add esim on your new device and log in and everything in transfer. She then hung up with me because I called from my only phone number, which is the same line I'm trying to transfer, and she said that wouldn't work if we're on the phone. So I hung up, feeling very hopeful, and I completed the steps. Well, all this did was give TWO non-working phones.


The esim transferred as the Xfinity line, and since this is a new Verizon device, it is locked by verizon for 60 days. So, This is now Wednesday early afternoon and I have no phone, and for the record, the phone is my direct line to my work, so this has been extremely frustrating on a whole extra level.


So, I borrowed a phone and called verizon back and told them this situation. The next gentleman told me that "oh no worries, just call xfinity and tell them to release the number to verizon quickly". I said ok! I call Xfinity, use up another 30 minutes of time, they confirm that everything is released and was released the day prior and it should just take a click of a button from verizon. I set up in advance with the pin number from Xfinity before I even bought the phone, so there should be no issues with any of that.


I call verizon back to let them know what the Xfinity people said. This woman says I didn't need to call them, the number is jsut stuck in the portal until Friday at noon. Keep in mind, this is WEDNESDAY and my phone is my LIFE LINE to my work.


Between the various phone calls, I tried different forms of chats, through the website, through twitter, and even called the store back a few times to try to get help. Not one person was able to help me or even confirm anything that anyone on the port calls told me, and quite honestly every single person I talk to has a completely different answer and different reason.


So, I've waited until Friday at noon, which is a time/date that I told a few times that I "just have to wait for the system" for. And now, here I am on Friday, having progressed not at all and the lady I just spoke to, once again has no clue what to do or what I’m even asking for.


The other huge frustration is that every time I call I have to start the explanation over, and it’s been especially frustrating because of my number being associated with my dad’s current account with multiple lines. They see my number and automatically assume I’m trying to join his plan and I have had to explain over and over and over that this is not the case. I have also had so many issues with people trying to sell me a new plan and not understanding at all what my issues are. I have been very clear all along and they just assume I don’t know what I’m talking about. Such bad customer service. When a customer calls and says “Hi – you’re the 8th person I’m talking to, here is the situation” and then the customer service person ignores the whole thing and pulls up my dads account AGAIN. It’s just unreal and frustrating.


I feel it’s very important for you to read through what a major struggle the process of changing to your company is. Honestly, this has taken so much time, so much of my work day, and the amount of missed opportunity for my work without my phone is unimaginable. I feel so defeated. I am full of regret for even trying to switch.


I feel that I at least deserve some sort of explanation and an apology at the very least. This is not an OK way to run a business. People have CHOICES when it comes to phone service, and let me tell you, I no longer want to choose Verizon, but I’m not going through the hassle of switching again at this time. So I am reluctantly a customer until I decide to move on and go through this process again. I am so disappointed in how this all went, the major lack of help from Verizon. It just shows me that you all just don’t care, because honestly, you don’t have to.



A frustrated, disheartened NEW customer



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