Great tech support; horribly pushy support tech

Had to call tech support for a new phone activation today. The tech was perfectly wonderful in terms of fixing the device. HOWEVER, while staying on the line to verify that the activation was completing as expected, the support tech went on and on, pushing me (the account manager) and my father (the account owner) to sign up for Verizon Home Protect despite us both declining many times. We explained our reasons multiple times, and yet she would not take no for an answer. The tech we spoke with about getting the phone upgrades last week was excellent, so this isn't a by-and-large issue with Verizon tech support, but this particular tech was atrocious about it. But, the phone is fixed, so ultimately, I guess it was worth the nightmare phone call?


(haven't found a place to leave a review or enter survey information, so this is the best place, I guess)

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